Empower my brand
Empower my brand

Content publishing aims to build conversations with the target audience, which eventually lead to conversions. Decisions on what content to publish are either based on hypotheses (audience ‘might’ connect with this) or follow a set pattern of themes, with each theme having its specific audience and rationale.

Auris’ consumer insights platform can eliminate the guesswork and enhance the probability of engaging your target audience with the content you publish. There are six ways in which Auris helps create content which works.

       1. Determines what is working and what’s not.

You’ve been creating and publishing content across different content buckets/topics/themes and forms. Do you know what works? Knowing this is the first step towards improving your publishing.

Auris can sort this for you. It can help you run a rigorous content audit which can help you identify the most engaging content that you’ve published within a defined time frame. All you have to do is, take a broad view of the past few month’s worth of content and pick the ones which performed. After identifying, draw patterns which might have led to performance – for example communication style, design, form and the like. Continuously enhance the proportion of such content in your conversation calendar. Repeat. The picture below shows how the brand’s content around events, communication showing empathy and the buzz around their brand ambassador worked best. More of such ideas should help improve engagement.

Auris top performing content

        2. Craft user-generated content by leveraging influencers

Influencer marketing works and we know it for a fact. The question is how do you identify influencers – people who have an influence score and have had an affinity for your brand?

Every brand has a set of consumers who engage with the brand consistently because they love the brand. With the help of Auris, your brand can identify and collaborate with this set of influencers. These influencers contribute to building a strong community and increase the brand’s credibility. A much better alternative to manufacturing influencers who did not have anything to do with your brand. Note that this is more economical (and in several cases, free) because you seek out influencers who are already happy with your brand and only needed that nudge to spread the word!

influencer identification social listening        3. Identify common concerns and address them through educative blogs or posts

Customer feedback is gold dust. If you mine this data (and Auris helps you do that), you can understand what user concerns are. Your content now has a purpose – to comprehensively address these concerns or questions. When you do this, your content is bound to engage. The classification chart below helps illustrate how such topics could be identified. For instance, in the case of an organic food brand, if people have concerns on why the product tastes different, content explaining why organic food should taste different will offer  value-addition.

Consumer issue identification using listening       4. Ride the wave of trending topics

Riding an existing wave is smart. Auris allows you to identify the trends not only in your industry but also amongst your audience network. You can now have a look at what’s popular amongst your audience network and publish interesting content that has a higher probability of resonating with your potential consumers and generating engagement. Monitoring buzz trends helps identify ‘seasons’, for example in the example below, it shows the buzz is around examinations and therefore content around this topic might be relevant for consumers.

develop content using trends        5. Closely watch how your competitors are performing

One of the most interesting things you can do with Auris is watch what your competitors are up to. Add them to your watch list and gather insights from their content strategies to pull out a more powerful and engaging strategy for your brand.

content cues from competition

        6. Content which is context aware.

A consumer’s journey can be broadly divided in to three stages – Awareness, Consideration and Purchase. A macro view of the audience and where they belong can help craft the right content strategy. For those who are not aware of the brand, content which drives recall should be used. For those who are considering a purchase, building brand preference is key. For those buying from the brand, being available and enabling advocacy becomes more important.

user context for content decisions

Content Marketing costs significantly less than traditional marketing but brings in significantly more leads. Using Auris helps you hone your content publishing pushing the ROI further up!