Empower my brand
Empower my brand

More often than not, consumers fail to identify with brands and their value proposition. This is very common in the case of new and upcoming businesses. Companies put forth a value proposition that does not excite consumers enough for them to switch brands or try out the new ones. Every marketer looks for a unique value proposition for their company. Social listening for consumer’s voice and the insights derived thus, can take you a long way in crafting your answer for “how is your company better than others?”

Unique value proposition using consumer voice

Creating a Unique Value Proposition Statement

A value proposition is short and precise. It is a way to communicate to your customers what your brand stands for, what is your specialty and why they should choose your brand over others. To achieve this objective, you would want to put forth something that hits a note with the customers at one go. Listening to the online chatter and the conversations of your target customers can help you.

Wouldn’t you be very happy to hear exactly what you want to hear? Your customers love to hear and discuss the products that interest them in the same way. A company that caters to their interests would definitely attract their attention. So how do you know who is your target audience? What’s more, how do you tap into their interests?

How does Consumer Voice help?

Social media is a large and the most inexpensive focus group for a marketer. Insights and knowledge of the target market are essential for any marketing strategy to succeed. The most basic exercises a marketer needs to practice on social media are listening and engaging with consumers.

Track Consumer Voice on Social Media

54% of social media users research a product online on social media. Among these people 90.4% are millennials. Millennials are extremely tech-savvy and would post all about their experiences online. In a world relying so heavily on social media, obtaining and processing social data gets easier than ever.

Simply go online and browse through the reviews and comments. Even a glimpse of these comments will make you aware of how verbatim customers are when it comes to venting out their frustrations online. Pick up cues and insights from here. Your competitor does not have great customer service, they are priced exorbitantly high et cetera. These are the areas you could highlight in your value proposition statement.

Seek Help from Social Listening Tools

A tech-savvy world encourages users to produce millions of comments each day. At the same time, it has also put forth AI-based social listening platforms for businesses to want to access and filter out relevant data out of the noise and analyze it. Social listening tools don’t just filter out relevant comments, they can be your one-stop solution. Social listening tools help you with sentiment analysis, trending topics – throwing light on the phrases your audience is discussing the most, demographic analysis and much more.


Old is gold. Traditional ways of conducting surveys still work, however, there are online tools that help you achieve the same. Electronic survey forms work quite similarly to the traditional ways and are a lot easier to share across the vast population present online. A massive reach gets you a better sample report. With direct surveys, you can get first-hand information right from the customer.

In conclusion, look for triggers and cues for your value proposition statement on social media and review boards. In fact, if you are already present in the market as a registered company and trying to rebrand yourself, set up a search with your brand name. Look for reviews your company has received and try to build upon that. Lastly, remember fake promises are not going to work for anyone. Listening helps you figure out areas you could work upon and advertise. However, simply including them in your company’s value proposition without any attempt to deliver the same is going to make your business suffer in the long run.