Empower my brand
Empower my brand

The World is at a standstill as we try to battle the COVID-19 virus. At this time, people are participating more on social media platforms to share their opinions. This makes it essential for brands to establish their presence online and create a channel for critical communication. Some conversations which happen now can have a global impact. As the world’s attention is fixed on the coronavirus pandemic, marketers may be having a tough time trying to find their brand’s role in the current landscape. There are many questions. What messaging would be relevant to my audience? How do we deliver a message quickly, but with empathy? To help find the answers, we thought we could highlight a collection of Auris features that could help you navigate better. 

Auris Features to help you through COVID19

Auris Features that can help Streamline your Messaging

The list of use cases for Auris as a social listening tool is long. Here we shall discuss the useful features which help in managing your online presence, in the midst of a crisis

Real-time Alerts

Real-time listening leads to real-time responses. Such responsiveness is highly appreciated by consumers in any situation. This becomes particularly important with the current crisis situation. Auris sends you real-time notifications which can help you respond just in time to any red flags raised.

When in a crisis situation, monitoring in real-time helps you keep up with changing customer needs and concerns and to offer timely support.

Sentiment Analysis 

In a stressful situation, people expect brands to be sensitive when it comes to ad promotions. That being said, people do not expect or want brands to stop advertising. However, the message you send out and how it is perceived are of critical importance. Auris helps you here, by gauging the sentiment around your brand and measuring what people feel about your brand. If you were to run a campaign now, how would these people feel about it? What is the general tone of the mentions your brand is receiving? Once you are aware of the overall perception, it would be easier to dive deeper into the analysis and get a clear understanding of customer expectations. 

Advanced Social Listening

We cannot stress the importance of social listening enough, at this hour. Social listening gives you a comprehensive picture of all that is being expressed online. With Auris, you can access many advanced social listening features. You can track brand mentions with real-time notifications and get insights using keyword analysis, sentiment analysis and demographic details all on one dashboard. With the news and trends changing so fast, Auris helps you stream all relevant information and even uncover trends across Facebook and Instagram

Content Management

Most of us are sheltering in place or even locked down but this doesn’t mean that our business entities have to be that way too. Activities related to communication and awareness building must go on. This could also be the best time to think through, strategize, plan your future campaigns and start preparing. 

Go through your work pipeline to find all the marketing activities which could still be carried on. We are talking about activities like campaign planning, content creation, email marketing et cetera. Auris can help here too. When you start social listening, you already know what your competitors are doing, which topics are trending (besides COVID-19). This should give you a fair idea about your next step. Whatever you plan, do not lose sight of the current situation and be sensitive to the needs of your target audience. 

We are here to help our customers get the most benefit out of using Auris. We hope this article has thrown some light on some of the best features of Auris, which can help you through these trying times. Our team is also here to help, you can reach out to us in case of any questions. Last but not the least, take care and stay safe!