Empower my brand
Empower my brand

Stella Artois, the Belgian pilsner, is a widely popular high-end brand across the world. For centuries, Stella Artois has been synonymous with class, taste, and luxury. The brand has enjoyed patronage from loyal customers worldwide. But in recent years, there has been a shift in the paradigm. Consumer insights revealed that material possessions aren’t the only luxury that people are after. It is now more about the experience that people can share with their friends, family, and acquaintances.   

How did Stella Artois use Consumer Insights to beat their Competitor

Marketers at Stella Artois realized that the modern generation wasn’t only interested in material luxury. What mattered more was the quality of time they spent with people. People were ready to pay more for non-materialistic luxury even if it was for a short period. This made the marketing team at Stella Artois understand that it was time to change with a changing worldview.  

How did Consumer Insights help Stella Artois Solve their Problem?

With the changing scenario in the beer luxury market, Stella Artois took time out to figure out how consumer values have changed. Their ‘Perfection has its price’ campaign was extremely popular in the 80s and 90s but had lost its relevance over the years. It was time to change and Stella Artois was game. 

Looking upon this as the age of social media, Stella Artois took a leap of faith. Customer insights helped Stella Artois to understand the changing needs of modern people. Experimenting with new things and adopting new technologies was the key to stay relevant in the present times. 

True to this insight, Stella launched their ‘Host Beautifully’ and ‘Give Beautifully’ campaigns. Stella partnered with John Legend for their Host Beautifully campaign. The famous musician shared A-Z tips on hosting. But that’s not all. Stella sponsored a concert in New York featuring John Legend. Drinking beer with friends was one thing. But drinking beer with friends with good music and under the starry skies takes things to a whole new level. And that is what Stella did for their consumers. Create a luxury experience that they can talk about. 

This wasn’t the only event that Stella Artois organized for its loyal customers. From the maiden UberBoat experience to the Buy A Lady A Drink program, Stella has focused on customer insights to change the way they appeal to the people. The result? An astounding annual growth rate and CAGR!

In Conclusion

Customers decide the fate of a business or brand. If customers like what a brand has to offer, business growth will follow. To do that, it is important for businesses to understand what their customers are looking for. And that’s where consumer insights come in. By analyzing customer insights, businesses can determine what customers like or dislike, what they want to be changed in a product or service, what they expect from a brand, and more.

This is possible with techniques like social listening. It monitors what is being said on social media about a brand and its competitors. It, then, uses this data to produce meaningful results that can be directly incorporated into a brand’s online marketing strategy.