Empower my brand
Empower my brand

Real time insights for your FMCG brand

Auris, our AI powered platform can be used to augment and complement your market research. With insights curated from tens of thousands of unprompted views of consumers about your product, competition and category, Auris, provides answers to many of your research questions.

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Dashboards powered by AI which aid decision making

How does Auris help your consumer products brand?

Understand Consumer Segments

Engage With Consumers

Diagnose Distribution Bottlenecks

Understand Product Concerns

Discover Consumer Themes

Measure Brand Health

Monitor Ongoing Campaigns

Benchmark Against Competition

What kind of consumer insights does Auris bring forth?

You have a few consumer segments in mind. You may also have prime prospects within these segments. The assumption is that these are the segments who are consuming your brand and engaging with the brand’s communication. Validate this with real data? Also, find who are your brand advocates? Perhaps you may find new consumer segments and insights through this discovery process.

Our locational insights help you identify buzz volume and sentiment by location. So you reinforce the strong regions and try something different for the ones where your brand is not seeing the reception you’d have hoped for.

Have multiple SKUs within the same brand. Understand which SKUs are seeing more traction even before the secondary off-take data comes in! Dive into the root cause of the buzz – what about these SKUs do people like and what do they not appreciate as much. Know product issues months before they snowball into a crisis or debacle.

If you are planning a brand campaign, you can see brand lift metrics: reach, change in purchase intent, preference over competition and overall sentiment. Understand brand lift to the last detail as it manifests on digital. Now you know which half of your marketing spend worked!

See the impact of our strategic marketing choices real time. Are the consumers lapping it up or are they ranting. The earlier you get to know, the better you’d be able to come up with a response.

There’s a lot of cues within the buzz generated by your brand’s consumers. Or even your competitors. Get ideas about what products, adjacencies, brand extensions you could add to your portfolio of SKUs.

Our AI models have the issues automatically identified and bucketed. We also have issue discovery – when you do not know what issues to look for. With our issues dashboard, you would be able to pin down the issue, the location/geography or even the store location amongst other details.