Empower my brand
Empower my brand

Identify and engage potential home buyers using Auris

Auris, our AI powered platform helps you engage potential customers and therefore provides you with a competitive advantage over competition. Derive insights by listening into what the home buyer wants an cares about.

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AI powered insights about your real estate brand and home buyers

What can Auris help accomplish for your real estate brand?

Engage Home Buyers

Identify Home Buyers

Understand Local Insight

Monitor Ongoing Campaigns

Measure Brand Metrics

Diagnose Home-Buyer Concerns

Automate Escalation Management

Benchmark Against Competitors

What insights about your brand and home buyers can you get?

Is your brand perceived as dependable, value for money, premium? There could be many desirable brand attributes and you’d want your real estate brand to be associated with a few. But how do you determine whether that’s materializing. Auris helps measure brand attributes, real time and draw these attributes up versus competition.

Real estate is all about picking the right location. Which of your location choices are panning out and where do you see a challenge? Our locational insights help identify your brands buzz and perceptions by location.

Understand the likely demography of your buyers can help you create better, more engaging and meaningful campaigns for your brand. Auris helps you identify the demography of the engaged users so that you can design campaigns for this audience.

Why are customers complaining? Does it relate to the quality of construction, delay in handing over the possession, escalating estimates or pricing or something else? Auris helps you pin down the root cause of such complaints so that you can make operational, strategic or resource-led interventions to solve them.

Your potential buyers are evaluating your projects versus other alternatives. It is important to benchmark your reach, communication and engagement vis-à-vis them. Our competitive analytics dashboard helps you understand you share of voice and engagement versus other real estate peers.

Our ‘buying signal’ helps determine users who are looking to buy a property. This is invaluable data for any real estate brand, as you can then engage them in a social conversation and add to your sales funnel.

A question a growing developer always wonders about. Where should I plan my new project. Our demand forecast based on the volume of the relevant chatter and help map the demand out. Explore Auris to understand demand metrics by location or region.