Empower my brand
Empower my brand

A leading life insurance brand which insures over 30 million people around the world, wanted to use a platform to enhance customer experience using consumer insights. The brand, growing rapidly in the Indian market, wanted to set up a real-time system to gather consumer insights, to constantly improve customer experience.

The challenge

The insurance brand uniquely positioned itself in the market as one which: a) delivers great customer experience, digitally, and b) does not rely on “agents” or “advisors” to sell.

Given that a significant part of the customer’s experience is on digital, it was important to monitor performance and device interventions to plug the gaps appropriately.

Customer experience in the case of insurance has different dimensions and touchpoints. The context of the experience ranges from. It was important to understand experience issues across each of these touchpoints.

  • On-boarding experience
  • Paying the annual fees (or premium) and renewal of an existing policy,
  • Product upgrades or increase in coverage,
  • Experience on the digital assets (website, app)
  • Experience during claims

Another challenge stems from the fact that insurance is not a well-understood subject. Customers are often lost in the legalese. This lack of understanding and therefore expectations can lead to poor customer experience as well.

The solution

Auris was deployed to monitor both public and private chatter on the brand. Auris brought these consumer conversations in real-time and using AI-powered models, Auris enriched each conversation for demography, sentiment and other insurance industry-specific attributes. Automated workflows helped initiate action on feedback, also in real-time.

Actions enabled by Auris were of the following 3 types:

  • Tactical – replying to consumers, engaging with influencers as well as escalating consumer issues as they were discovered to the relevant teams.
  • Operational – creating interventions to positively add to customer experience.
  • Strategic – devising new campaign strategies based on demographic insights.

The industry-specific model helps pin down experience related issues in real-time.

The impact

The impact of Auris implementation impacted several teams, beyond marketing. The most important elements of the impact were as shown below.

Insurance social listening impact