Empower my brand
Empower my brand

How a Leading Healthcare Services Brand used Auris to improve processes, serve patients better and react quickly during crises.

About the hospital

Founded in 1983, this leading hospital chain is recognized as Asia’s largest healthcare service provider. It has served millions of patients from over 121 countries. The hospital brand is considered one of the most trusted brand in the healthcare industry. Engaging with its vast patient base, and managing patient responses efficiently has been a crucial objective for this hospital.


The brand’s patients are increasingly social media savvy, and love to comment on, discuss, and review the services provided online. The brand decided to leverage the buzz and actively listen to the chatter to engage with its patients to derive actionable insights.

The plan was to:

  • Understand the root cause behind both praise and complaint and to derive operational and tactical level insights them (By service, location, department, specialization, people or pricing – billing, insurance).
  • Listen to issues, queries, complaints, news and mentions in real-time and provide quick resolution and improve responsiveness.
  • Establish a crisis prediction and management protocol.
  • Ascribe a human voice to the brand and reach out to people during natural or man-made crises.
  • Map patient perception to inform their future marketing campaigns.


The brand rejected a “one-size-fits-all” kind of social listening tool and wanted a tool designed to offer industry-specific features. They opted for GenY Labs’  AI/NLP-powered SaaS product Auris – a best-in-class social listening platform  with industry-specific attributes meant for the hospital industry. The cloud-based Auris was deployed by the brand to gain detailed insights into the ‘Voice of the Patient’ in real-time. The execution involved implementing the technology followed by the training and deployment of the team.

Implementing Auris

 Auris offers updates in real-time to a chosen team of specific points of contact (SPOC) and can be integrated with a patient’s existing CRM solution (like SalesForce, Microsoft Dynamics, Zendesk etc.). It can create a ticket to resolve a query, track it, or set a deadline for closure. Auris was integrated with the brand’s CRM (Freshdesk), with updates on every social mention reaching its chosen team of SPOCs for a response/resolution.

Training the Team

A team of 60 people was chosen organization-wide as SPOCs who receive updates as per an escalation matrix, designed to go all the way up to the CEO.

Outcome and Benefits: An engaged, humane brand.

Human Voice: The brand acquired a human voice, much to the appreciation of its patient base.

Patient Insights: Auris helped understand the brand’s health as reflected in patient comments. Further, it helped understand patient concerns in real time.

Improved Turn-around-time (TAT): Response time fell to 1-2 hours (from 2 days) and the brand is now amongst the most responsive amongst its peers.

Managing Crises: The brand connected with its patients during crises situations. In one such case, the hospital was able to reach out to patients in distress during a natural disaster.

Award winner: The brand received an Excellence Award from Hospital Management Asia (HMA) for its ‘breakthrough Innovation in Healthcare for Voice of Patient Process for its Patient Service Project’.