Empower my brand
Empower my brand

2021 is now here. Let us take this opportunity to look at the marketing automation industry. Why? According to Emailmonday, an average of 51% of companies are using marketing automation already and another 58% plan to use it in the near future. This only shows that the marketing automation industry is expected to grow and rightly so. Looking at these marketing automation trends, you’ll see how it streamlines your business. 

Top 5 Marketing Automation Trends for 2021

Marketing Automation Trends from 2020

2020 has made consumers stay online more than ever. 2021 will be about evolving in this sphere. It will be about providing unique and engaging experiences to the super-connected consumers. Here are some marketing automation trends which catalyze the said evolution. 

1 Marketing Automation will Continue to Grow

  • The marketing automation industry has been growing year-on-year. A study shows how it has grown by 27% in 2018. Studies also slate it to reach $25.1 billion annually by 2023. 
  • 75% of marketers are already using at least one marketing automation tool for their daily marketing operations. 
  • Over 70% of Indian marketers are using marketing automation for better lead conversion. 

2 Presence on Multiple Channels

  • Creating an omnichannel presence helps brands create a seamless experience for their customers. Automating specific processes across emails, social media, or search engine marketing makes the process less laborious. 
  • Integrating various platforms/channels to a single automation tool helps the brand. They can deliver more accurate, timely, and consistent information to the customers. 

3 Chatbots

  • Chatbots are already being heavily used today for automating the process of conversation with users. It will continue playing a crucial role in customer service.
  • Advances in Natural Language Processing (NLP) are allowing chatbots to become smarter and capable of behavioral recommendations. 
  • Chatbots enhance the customer experience. When a customer drops in a query, the chatbot responds immediately. Such rapid response enables the customer to trust your brand and builds goodwill. 

4 AI in Marketing 

  • According to Gartner, “Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be a mainstream customer experience investment in the next couple of years.”
  • 2020 has seen an enormous increase in the use of AI and Machine Learning for marketing operations. AI is helping companies reach the perfect audience with the optimal message. It helps with segmentation, workflows, data-driven decision-making, and much more. 

5  Automated Social Media Marketing 

  • The time we spend on social media has dramatically increased over the last year. Brands are hence making efforts to get a bigger piece of the audience’s screen time. Social media automation tools have come in handy to reach out to the right audiences. 
  • Social media automation tools like social listening also provide help with regard to other business functions. Brands have been using these tools for competitive analysis, ad targeting, influencer marketing, and much more. 

In Conclusion 

Automation has made its mark in almost every industry. Marketing automation trends for 2020 show us that this industry is not behind either. Brands are scramming for ways to create more engaging content, put out personalized online experiences. And automation tools deliver the best on all accounts.