Empower my brand
Empower my brand

Reinforce the trust your subscribers place in your bank, by listening to them.

Auris helps you to listen into the buzz around your brand and your category to accomplish the following strategic objectives: Understanding your consumer, identifying issues that mar their experience with the brand, identifying new product ideas or new consumer segments amongst various others.

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What can Auris do to help you understand and engage your banking customers better?

Measure Branch Performance

Measure Brand Metrics

Respond In Real Time

Diagnose Customer Concerns

Identify Potential Customers

Automate Escalation Management

Identify & Engage Influencers

Benchmark Against Competitors

What customer insights does Auris unearth for your banking brand?

Slow service, antiquated technology, fraud? There could be a variety of issues your consumers might face. The only method to resolve these issues is to monitor and measure. Auris helps you achieve this objective!

Have multiple branch locations? Know the health of each of your branches by analyzing the chatter around the brand. Our locational analysis helps you understand branch level issues, so that you can make branch level interventions to resolve these issues.

I am sure you know that your consumers are always looking for more and faster. As an alternative to the conventional market research, you could use the chatter that is already out there and figure out new products which your consumers want. Or perhaps, consumers of your competitors want!

Trusted, reliable, modern are some of the several attributes which you might want your brand to align to. What is it that the consumers think though. Understand what attribute they associate with your brand and use this analysis as an input to your communication strategy.

What is your engagement score on digital? Are consumers buying into what you are saying? Know this and more about how well your content engages your own target audience. Auris helps to achieve this and use insights from here to fine tune your publishing strategy.

One of the most important consumer issue is lack of responsiveness. Make responsiveness your ultimate strength by measuring and improving response metrics. Auris has inbuilt features and connectors which can help you respond faster and measure important response metrics.