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Type 1 Diabetes social listening

Social Listening for Type 1 Diabetes Care

People today tend to believe that the Internet knows everything and can answer every question they have. One result of this is that people turn to Google to correlate their […]

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influencer marketing insurance

Top 15 influencers who participated in insurance discussions in India

Influencer marketing is being deployed by brands across industry verticals. Insurance is no exception. The question though is about identifying the right influencers to engage with. The best way is […]

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Social listening in the Tourism industry

Why is Social Listening Essential for the Tourism and Travel Industry

Tourism has taken the world by storm. There are thousands of travel-bloggers posting daily on social media, with an immense follower base. It is almost a universal fact that people […]

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insurance social listening

Insurance trivia from the ‘voice of the customer’

If you work on an insurance brand or are generally the curious type, you might find interesting. We used Auris to listen in to conversations around insurance (July 2019, India […]

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Campaign analytics Auris

What’s a story worth telling?

What’s a story worth telling? One that drives real conversations. Good brand managers relish the challenge of creating a brand preference in competitive categories. Of course, the real question underlying […]

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alternative data for research

“Alternative data”​ offers an alternative to market research

About 0.5% – 3% of revenues are spent on collecting consumer insights and conducting market research. Consumer brand behemoths such as Coca Cola or P&G spend significant amounts on research […]

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How to use Social Data to Enhance Your Market Research

How to Use Social Data to Enhance Your Market Research

Market research has come a long way from surveys and questionnaires. AI and Big-Data-driven tools are the big guns supporting quality research now. However, there is still a disconnect. This […]

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Social Listening for Brand Loyalty

Social Listening for Brand Loyalty

Brand loyalty is the emotional connect that is built when a customer can really trust a brand. Business expansion and acquiring new customers are worthy goals but can’t come at […]

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Social data use in Automotive Industry

Why should the Automotive Industry track Social Data?

When we talk of social media and businesses, the automotive industry is also a keen participant online. In fact, some auto brands are leading the pack on social media, which […]

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Common Myths Social Intelligence

Busting the Common Myths About Social Media Intelligence

Being a netizen in the 21st century, you’d be surprised to know about the myths marketers believe in, about social media and its related tools. Some of these myths have […]

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Marriott and Rahul Bose Reputation Management case

Did this International Hotel Chain fail in Real-time Reputation Management?

Most of us, saddled with the burden of grocery shopping, roam the aisles of the supermarket looking for discounts and offers. We mourn the rising prices of onions and bananas […]

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Customer Service NPS

What can Companies learn from their Net Promoter Score?

In our blog posts, we have often talked about online brand reputation management and the importance of it. Here, we discuss something closely linked to ORM. Net Promoter Score – […]

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Social Listening is keeping your competitors ahead

Social Listening is Keeping Your Competitors Ahead

Are you unable to understand how your competitor seems to have a better online presence and worried that you are missing out on something important? Then you may want to […]

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4 Reasons to Dig Deeper into Social Listening

4 Reasons to Dig Deeper into Social Listening

.There’s no gainsaying the fact that social listening is highly beneficial for conducting sentiment analysis and deriving business insights from it. Using social media listening, we can derive actionable insights […]

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Social Selling - A Social Listening Use Case (1)

Social Selling – A Social Listening Use Case

Social selling has become quite the buzz word of late. Think of direct selling (and all the processes related to it) but just online on social platforms. Social selling has […]

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Company branding

Assess Your Brand Reputation on Social Media Networks

It takes years to build a reputed brand name; however, one negative review could ruin it and leave a wreck behind. Keeping track of your brand reputation becomes vital to […]

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Social listening for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Social Listening for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Global life expectancy has gone up by 9.365 years since the 1980s. Credit for this goes to better awareness among the people and the improvement in healthcare technology and the […]

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Social media brand awareness

The Road to Measuring Brand Awareness

In the modern world, establishing one’s digital presence is one of the most followed marketing strategies. Setting a success meter and gauging marketing ROI by trying to measure brand awareness […]

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ICC Cricket World Cup 2019

Social Listening into the Cricket World Cup Buzz

The social media is abuzz with chatter about many of the recent happenings, like the anti-abortion laws, Indian elections, Brexit and so on. We at GenY Labs decided to pick […]

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Inspiring Examples of Social Media Listening Campaigns

Inspiring Examples of Social Media Listening Campaigns

The growing buzz around social media listening and monitoring would make some of you wonder if companies really implement these tools. Truth be told, in this day and age, social […]

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Brand PR crisis management

PR Crisis Management using Social Listening

Every brand manager’s worst nightmare would be a PR crisis and understandably so. While it might take years to earn goodwill or to build a strong brand reputation, a single […]

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Social Listening to millennias

Is Your Brand Listening to the Millennials?

This is undoubtedly the age of technological advancement. Millennials are the first generation to have experienced technological development from the moment they are born and through their years of development. […]

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Sentiment analysis for Brand reputation-min

The Overall Sentiment around Your Brand can Tell You a Lot

Sentiment analysis holds up a mirror which helps to reflect the sentiments evoked by your brand’s products and services. Just as a person seeks feedback from their significant others on […]

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social listening for schools

How can Social Listening help Schools?

An extensive amount of research into a school’s reputation precedes any decision made by parents (as well as the students themselves) when it comes to choosing a school these days. […]

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How to Create a Social Media Report?

You may feel great about your social media campaign and think its success is assured. But unless you analyze the numbers for insights, you would never really know how your […]

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Market research using Twitter-min

Conducting Market Research using Twitter

Social media, especially Twitter, offers a hidden bounty which can be tapped into with the right tool. For any marketer looking for business intelligence and consumer insights, social media listening […]

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Event - social mentions

Social Listening Helps Track Event-Related Social Mentions

Is your company planning a gala event or a tradeshow? It is quite customary to plan activities which keep your audience engaged during such events. Companies are solely hosting online […]

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Camp Notes on fashion

Tracking the Buzz around Met Gala 2019

One of the most awaited events of the year – the Met Gala is considered the Oscars of fashion by many. Held every year on the first Monday of May, […]

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Social Listening For Fashion Industry

Social Listening for Fashion Retail Industry

The industry which witnesses changing trends almost every week is fashion retail. We can safely say that the only thing constant in the fashion world is that fashion never goes […]

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10 Tips for Social Media Listening

10 Points to Consider before Planning your Social Media Listening Project

Information is critical for discovering opportunities. Data seekers are getting smarter, and so is technology. Insights essential for your business is quite commonplace today – available from sources like the […]

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Social media monitoring

What is Social Media Monitoring and Why is it Important?

Social media monitoring is the act of identifying and gathering information regarding your brand mentions and customer sentiments online. The sample size for such data collection is massive. It encompasses […]

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Social Engagement

What is Social Engagement?

Human beings love interactions; we are social beings after all. No wonder social media is trying to capitalize on our socializing nature. Social engagement could be both offline or online, […]

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Listening Platforms: An Important Part of your Social Media Management Arsenal

Companies are increasingly digitalizing their marketing efforts, which need to be managed well if they are to achieve their goals and succeed in their efforts. There are multiple platforms and […]

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sentiment analysis

Sentiment Analysis: A Comprehensive Guide

The innate ability of humans to understand emotion and sentiments sets them apart from every known species. Machines today are trying to mimic this quality. We, humans, display sentiments in […]

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Assess Social monitoring vs social listening

Social Listening vs. Social Monitoring

“Your brand name is only as good as your reputation” The tricky thing about brand reputation is that it is difficult to achieve but extremely easy to lose. People are […]

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B2B social listening tools

Why should B2B brands use a social listening and media monitoring platform?

The use of social listening tools by consumer facing brands has an obvious and tangible value. B2C industry verticals have frequent consumer interactions which is enabled by such platforms. Furthermore, […]

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Business Insights using Social Media Intelligence

Business Insights using Social Intelligence

Innovations made possible by technology are a way of life today, helping to improve the way we do business. A great example would be how artificial, and social intelligence is […]

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Competitor Analysis using Social Listening

Competitor Analysis using Social Listening

Enterprises, like people, try to be recognized for being the best at what they do. Are your competitors allowing your company to achieve this dream? Social listening for competitive intelligence […]

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The Most Popular Social Listening Tools

Business intelligence holds the key to a company’s progress, and the simplest way to gain crucial business insights is to interact directly with the most valuable stakeholder – your customer. […]

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Social Listening

Social Listening – A Reality Check For Your Brand

Managers are actively engaging themselves in social media marketing. Most of them would agree that social listening is key to social media marketing and online reputation management. Social listening is […]

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Brand perceptions

Managing perceptions is critical to enhancing brand equity

In 1954, a 52-year-old milkshake mixer salesman entered a restaurant kitchen for a tour. Having seen (and been in) thousands of kitchens, he was convinced that this was the best-run […]

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healthcare ORM case studies

Online Reputation Management in Healthcare: Some Case Studies

In healthcare, “Trust” is paramount. This was something the founder of Johnson & Johnson recognized and remarked upon nearly 84 years ago, when he said that businesses had a responsibility […]

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free ORM tools

Top Free Tools to Monitor your Online Reputation

Online reviews are a boon and a bane at the same time! They work better than any word-of-mouth publicity with positive reviews. That’s because 84% of people who access them, […]

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reputation management team

Setting up an online reputation system and team?

When visiting a new city, most people request Google to recommend the ‘best restaurants near me’. The numbered list they get back in nanoseconds clearly ranks the restaurants near them […]

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Quotable quotes on online reputation management

Online Reputation Management – Words of Wisdom

Reputation is extremely fragile, like a mirror, requiring you to nurture it and care for it with devotion. However, it can be damaged in a matter of minutes and much […]

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NPS measurements in real time

Real time Net Promoter Score – your ultimate brand health measure

Reichheld introduced the concept of the Net Promoter Score (NPS) in his article titled “The One Number You Need to Grow” published in the Harvard Business Review’s December 2003 edition […]

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Alerts for brand safety, brand reputation

5 alerts which help safeguard your brand’s online reputation

There are umpteen examples which illustrate how not being on top of what is being said about your brand can render a jolt to its equity. In our previous blog […]

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Brand reputation and ORM

What reputational risks can you avert using an online reputation tool?

Brand managers would swear by this famous quote by Warren Buffet – “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about […]

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Making gold of “Hamberders”

Burger King is earning itself a reputation – of actively listening and making gold out of seemingly inconsequential moments. Our earlier blog had referred to the moment which Burger King […]

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Online reputation management glossary

The Ultimate Glossary of Online Reputation Management Terminology

In one fell swoop, investors wiped out $40 billion off the market value of Johnson &Johnson, when Reuters reported that the healthcare giant has known for decades that its baby […]

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Salesforce Auris Integration

How to integrate Auris with Salesforce and other CRMs?

Auris comes with ready integrations with leading CRM platforms such as Salesforce, Hubspot, Zoho amongst others. Integrating Auris with such enterprise platforms has been an important component of our product […]

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How to setup influencer alerts

How to use Auris to set up influencer alerts

In the perfect world, every customer conversation would be dealt with instantly and by the right person within the brand’s operations team. The reality for most brands? This “best practice” […]

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online reputation management bank

What should the online reputation management system for a bank look like?

Consider any business with a widespread footprint – a retail chain, a national bank or a chain of spa parlors. A common issue which each of these brands face relates […]

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Workflows: An amazing feature is now live on Auris!

The premise of the Auris platform has been to enable action using the insights gained, in real time. Some of these actions can be tactical – requiring an immediate alert. […]

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users context social crm

Learn about the User, before you Leap to Reply

You’d recall several incidents where brands responded to consumers without understanding their context or who they were. One recent example was when the great cricketer, Sachin Tendulkar, complained to British […]

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Auris dashboards

The Dashboards of Auris: What Stories do they Tell?

Dashboards provide a 30,000 feet view of your brand’s performance. They help you understand the health of your brand, consumer issues and the demography of your audience. You can also […]

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how to setup competition in auris

How to Add Competitors for Competitive Analysis in Auris?

Understanding what your competitors publish and the reach and engagement they achieve is an important input to your marketing strategy. Using Auris you can achieve the following: Learn from the […]

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listening in multiple languages

What Languages can Auris help Listen to and Analyze?

To tell your brand’s story effectively, you must understand the consumer’s story first. For global or multi-regional brands, these stories come in different languages. How do you make sense of […]

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advocacy campaigns

How can you Identify Advocates and Engage with them?

A study points out that consumers are 71% more likely to buy from a brand if it comes recommended by a social connection. Word-of-mouth advocacy and customer reviews on social […]

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consumer segments

Demography and Sentiment: What Insights can you Get?

This may seem like Marketing 101 but you’d be surprised to know that consumer segmentation and its application to marketing are not widely understood. Consumer segmentation can be done in […]

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media spend on social by competition

An Inside View of your Competitors’ Spend on Media

I am sure you have wondered about the amounts your competitors’ spend on social platforms to boost their posts or tweets. You would also have wondered what media spend strategy […]

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competitive insights social media publishing

What can Your Competition’s Content Teach You?

How does a champion player, who plays in the major leagues, prepare for a match? One of the important aspects would be to study the opponent’s game, his/her strategy to […]

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content publishing

6 Ways Auris Weaves its Magic to Help Create Engaging Content

Content publishing aims to build conversations with the target audience, which eventually lead to conversions. Decisions on what content to publish are either based on hypotheses (audience ‘might’ connect with […]

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sector specific social listening

Does Your Social Listening Tool Comprehend Sector-specific Context?

Context is everything they say. And it should be no different w.r.t. drawing social listening insights from the buzz around your topic of interest. While it intuitively makes sense, CMOs […]

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Ai data enrichment

AI-Powered Data Enrichment

If technology has made the collection and storage of data extremely easy, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made the task of organizing such data and analyzing it easier. Machine Learning plays […]

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chat bot for auto response

Reply Bots – The Risk-Reward Tradeoff

Businesses today use AI-powered chatbots to offer responsive customer service online, at all times of the day, on their company’s website and as a live chat on the mobile app. […]

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listening real time

What does Real Time Listening do for You?

So, what is the big deal about listening in real time? What if you listen in to what your consumers are saying every other day or perhaps during your monthly […]

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questionnaire based survey limitations

An Incredible Alternative to Questionnaire-based Research

Questionnaire-based research methodologies have their own well-known limitations. It is tragic but true, that we realize this fact only in retrospect, after we spent tens of thousands of dollars! Most […]

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research sample size

What Sample Size is Acceptable for Qualitative Market Research?

All marketing practitioners who have taken up consumer research would have encountered the question – how big should the sample size be? For qualitative studies, the answer typically is: “As […]

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Ontario elections

Auris Prediction: NDP is giving a Tough Fight to the PCs!

Our social listening-based analysis of the Ontario elections is finally drawing to a close. In the run up to E-day on June 7th, 2018, Ontarians have decidedly moved away from Liberals. […]

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Ontario elections social listening analytics

The Pulse of Voters in Ontario in the run up to the Elections (May 3rd Week)

In our last analysis we showed how the perceptions and responses of Ontarians were changing over the past few weeks, as seen from the lens of the PC Party. Here’s our latest […]

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Ontario elections buzz map

Ontario’s Provincial Elections – What do People Want?

We put Auris, our AI based consumer insights engine to the task of identifying key issues which people are discussing in each riding of Ontario. We wanted to monitor how […]

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GenY Labs progress

GenY Labs and our Consumer Insights Engine ‘Auris’: The Beginning

My first “home visit”, a market research methodology very rigorously followed at Procter and Gamble (and I am sure at all major consumer facing companies) was a revelation. 3 of […]

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Mining the Buzz around Automobile Brands – Honda and Volkswagen

You’ve already heard enough spiel on “Big Data”. You have submitted to its might and have accepted that it is indeed going to change the world as we know it. […]

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