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healthcare ORM case studies

Online Reputation Management in Healthcare: Some Case Studies

In healthcare, “Trust” is paramount. This was something the founder of Johnson & Johnson recognized and remarked upon nearly 84 years ago, when he said that businesses had a responsibility […]

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free ORM tools

Top Free Tools to Monitor your Online Reputation

Online reviews are a boon and a bane at the same time! They work better than any word-of-mouth publicity with positive reviews. That’s because 84% of people who access them, […]

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reputation management team

Setting up an online reputation system and team?

When visiting a new city, most people request Google to recommend the ‘best restaurants near me’. The numbered list they get back in nanoseconds clearly ranks the restaurants near them […]

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Quotable quotes on online reputation management

Online Reputation Management – Words of Wisdom

Reputation is extremely fragile, like a mirror, requiring you to nurture it and care for it with devotion. However, it can be damaged in a matter of minutes and much […]

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NPS measurements in real time

Real time Net Promoter Score – your ultimate brand health measure

Reichheld introduced the concept of the Net Promoter Score (NPS) in his article titled “The One Number You Need to Grow” published in the Harvard Business Review’s December 2003 edition […]

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Alerts for brand safety, brand reputation

5 alerts which help safeguard your brand’s online reputation

There are umpteen examples which illustrate how not being on top of what is being said about your brand can render a jolt to its equity. In our previous blog […]

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Brand reputation and ORM

What reputational risks can you avert using an online reputation tool?

Brand managers would swear by this famous quote by Warren Buffet – “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about […]

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Making gold of “Hamberders”

Burger King is earning itself a reputation – of actively listening and making gold out of seemingly inconsequential moments. Our earlier blog had referred to the moment which Burger King […]

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Online reputation management glossary

The Ultimate Glossary of Online Reputation Management Terminology

In one fell swoop, investors wiped out $40 billion off the market value of Johnson &Johnson, when Reuters reported that the healthcare giant has known for decades that its baby […]

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Salesforce Auris Integration

How to integrate Auris with Salesforce and other CRMs?

Auris comes with ready integrations with leading CRM platforms such as Salesforce, Hubspot, Zoho amongst others. Integrating Auris with such enterprise platforms has been an important component of our product […]

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How to setup influencer alerts

How to use Auris to set up influencer alerts

In the perfect world, every customer conversation would be dealt with instantly and by the right person within the brand’s operations team. The reality for most brands? This “best practice” […]

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online reputation management bank

What should the online reputation management system for a bank look like?

Consider any business with a widespread footprint – a retail chain, a national bank or a chain of spa parlors. A common issue which each of these brands face relates […]

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Workflows: An amazing feature is now live on Auris!

The premise of the Auris platform has been to enable action using the insights gained, in real time. Some of these actions can be tactical – requiring an immediate alert. […]

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users context social crm

Learn about the User, before you Leap to Reply

You’d recall several incidents where brands responded to consumers without understanding their context or who they were. One recent example was when the great cricketer, Sachin Tendulkar, complained to British […]

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Auris dashboards

The Dashboards of Auris: What Stories do they Tell?

Dashboards provide a 30,000 feet view of your brand’s performance. They help you understand the health of your brand, consumer issues and the demography of your audience. You can also […]

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how to setup competition in auris

How to Add Competitors for Competitive Analysis in Auris?

Understanding what your competitors publish and the reach and engagement they achieve is an important input to your marketing strategy. Using Auris you can achieve the following: Learn from the […]

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listening in multiple languages

What Languages can Auris help Listen to and Analyze?

To tell your brand’s story effectively, you must understand the consumer’s story first. For global or multi-regional brands, these stories come in different languages. How do you make sense of […]

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advocacy campaigns

How can you Identify Advocates and Engage with them?

A study points out that consumers are 71% more likely to buy from a brand if it comes recommended by a social connection. Word-of-mouth advocacy and customer reviews on social […]

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consumer segments

Demography and Sentiment: What Insights can you Get?

This may seem like Marketing 101 but you’d be surprised to know that consumer segmentation and its application to marketing are not widely understood. Consumer segmentation can be done in […]

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media spend on social by competition

An Inside View of your Competitors’ Spend on Media

I am sure you have wondered about the amounts your competitors’ spend on social platforms to boost their posts or tweets. You would also have wondered what media spend strategy […]

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competitive insights social media publishing

What can Your Competition’s Content Teach You?

How does a champion player, who plays in the major leagues, prepare for a match? One of the important aspects would be to study the opponent’s game, his/her strategy to […]

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content publishing

6 Ways Auris Weaves its Magic to Help Create Engaging Content

Content publishing aims to build conversations with the target audience, which eventually lead to conversions. Decisions on what content to publish are either based on hypotheses (audience ‘might’ connect with […]

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sector specific social listening

Does Your Social Listening Tool Comprehend Sector-specific Context?

Context is everything they say. And it should be no different w.r.t. drawing social listening insights from the buzz around your topic of interest. While it intuitively makes sense, CMOs […]

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Ai data enrichment

AI-Powered Data Enrichment

If technology has made the collection and storage of data extremely easy, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made the task of organizing such data and analyzing it easier. Machine Learning plays […]

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chat bot for auto response

Reply Bots – The Risk-Reward Tradeoff

Businesses today use AI-powered chatbots to offer responsive customer service online, at all times of the day, on their company’s website and as a live chat on the mobile app. […]

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listening real time

What does Real Time Listening do for You?

So, what is the big deal about listening in real time? What if you listen in to what your consumers are saying every other day or perhaps during your monthly […]

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questionnaire based survey limitations

An Incredible Alternative to Questionnaire-based Research

Questionnaire-based research methodologies have their own well-known limitations. It is tragic but true, that we realize this fact only in retrospect, after we spent tens of thousands of dollars! Most […]

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research sample size

What Sample Size is Acceptable for Qualitative Market Research?

All marketing practitioners who have taken up consumer research would have encountered the question – how big should the sample size be? For qualitative studies, the answer typically is: “As […]

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Ontario elections

Auris Prediction: NDP is giving a Tough Fight to the PCs!

Our social listening-based analysis of the Ontario elections is finally drawing to a close. In the run up to E-day on June 7th, 2018, Ontarians have decidedly moved away from Liberals. […]

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Ontario elections social listening analytics

The Pulse of Voters in Ontario in the run up to the Elections (May 3rd Week)

In our last analysis we showed how the perceptions and responses of Ontarians were changing over the past few weeks, as seen from the lens of the PC Party. Here’s our latest […]

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Ontario elections buzz map

Ontario’s Provincial Elections – What do People Want?

We put Auris, our AI based consumer insights engine to the task of identifying key issues which people are discussing in each riding of Ontario. We wanted to monitor how […]

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GenY Labs progress

GenY Labs and our Consumer Insights Engine ‘Auris’: The Beginning

My first “home visit”, a market research methodology very rigorously followed at Procter and Gamble (and I am sure at all major consumer facing companies) was a revelation. 3 of […]

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Mining the Buzz around Automobile Brands – Honda and Volkswagen

You’ve already heard enough spiel on “Big Data”. You have submitted to its might and have accepted that it is indeed going to change the world as we know it. […]

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