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Social media plan

Ways to Create a Strong Social Media Plan

Every business should mark its presence on social media in today’s day and age. If you aren’t on the bandwagon yet, you’re not doing it right! Putting a strong social […]

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Marketing automation

How to Choose the Right Marketing Automation Tool?

Marketing activities in 2021 have reached a new level. Yes, we are talking about marketing automation. Most marketers can vouch for the way marketing automation tools smoothen out the process […]

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Youtube Auditing

A Guide to YouTube Channel Auditing

Almost everyone knows about YouTube’s phenomenal rise. This video streaming platform now has over 2 billion active users. And over 73% of the US adult population has an account on […]

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Direct to Consumer brands

Marketing for Direct-to-Consumer Brands

When the digital direct-to-consumer retail model came up, it disrupted the entire traditional brick & mortar, business model. The direct-to-consumer retail brands were establishing themselves as strong competitors across all […]

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How to Prevent a Social Media Crisis

How to Prevent a Social Media Crisis?

All news travels fast on social media. Remember the photo of an egg on Instagram which became the most-liked image with 18.4 million likes in less than 10 days? That’s […]

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Is social media listening enough

Is Social Media Listening Enough?

Business people and marketers today rely more on data to make decisions. 76% of marketers say they base their decisions on data analytics. And in this context, the social media […]

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How to reduce noise in social listening

How do Marketers Reduce Noise in Social Listening?

Ever seen an advertisement that made you feel that the brand must have read your mind? It may seem like a trick, but this little magic trick has a lot […]

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Top 5 Marketing Automation Trends for 2021

Top 5 Marketing Automation Trends for 2021

2021 is now here. Let us take this opportunity to look at the marketing automation industry. Why? According to Emailmonday, an average of 51% of companies are using marketing automation […]

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How to track Branded Keywords

How to Track Branded Keywords?

In the world of social media, every user is online sharing their experiences. Your customers too are talking about their experiences. How your customers discuss your product or service online […]

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Branded Keywords

Why are Branded Keywords Important?

The secret to the success of every brand marketer/content strategist is branded keywords. Branded keywords are also one of the best bets for an SEO win for any company. These  […]

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How Social Media Analytics Helps the Airline Industry

How Social Media Analytics Helps the Airline Industry?

With travel resuming moderately after the pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns, flights are finally taking off. Now is when the airline industry needs to be in touch with its customers […]

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How to Develop Consumer Insights

How to Develop Actionable Consumer Insights?

Advances in data science techniques are helping marketers get consumer insights and actionable results. However, the process might sometimes seem very mind-boggling. Every marketer, every brand manager is spending time […]

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Are Consumer Insights legit

Are Consumer Insights Legit?

Monitoring Consumer insights is nothing more than knowing what your consumer needs. Knowing the customer forms the basis for any business strategy. And it should be part of any ongoing […]

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How to monitor social media mentions

Why and How do We Monitor Social Media Mentions?

Understanding how social media mentions work is easy when you know the benefits of monitoring and know how to do it. Monitoring social media mentions allows you to know every […]

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Social Listening Helped Kroger during Pandemic

Social Listening helped Grocery Chain Kroger during this Pandemic

When the pandemic set in, every aspect of life shifted to the online sphere. The use of social media which has forever been on the rise saw a phenomenal bump […]

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How social listening drives market research

How Social Listening Drives Market Research?

Every company indulges in an extensive market research procedure. As they should. Proper market research is key to how successful a business is. This activity helps you understand and plan […]

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Social media analytics for small businesses

Social Media Analytics for Small Businesses

Companies in modern times do not require a massive capital budget to get started. The costs and methods of marketing one’s products are transformed beyond all recognition. This has been […]

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Generate more Sales with Social Listening

Generate more Sales with Social Listening

Social media is increasingly being used each passing day. A study puts the screentime of people at 3 hours 15 minutes a day – liking, commenting, or conversing with each […]

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The Ease of Business Decision Making with AI

The Ease of Business Decision Making with AI

Artificial Intelligence or AI is an ever-evolving field. We have only begun to scratch the surface in finding suitable uses and applications for this technology. The use of AI in […]

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Boost your eCommerce Business

Tips to Boost your Ecommerce Business

The future of eCommerce looks bright. It is estimated that over 15% of all retail sales will shift to eCommerce by 2021 on a global scale. The retail eCommerce sales […]

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Using Social Media Listening Centers

Which Brands are using Social Media Listening Centers and Why?

The social media analytics industry is expected to grow from a USD 3.6 billion industry in 2020 to a USD 15.6 billion industry by 2025. And with more brands embracing […]

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Can Social Listening Help the Oil and Gas Industry

Can Social Listening Help the Oil and Gas Industry?

If there’s one industry that is always under public scrutiny, it is the oil and gas industry. This industry has faced a lot of criticism over the past. And this […]

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Social Media Strategy

Is Your Social Media Strategy Working?

Trying to craft a social media strategy from the bottom up can get intimidating. There are a lot of factors to be taken care of. Moreover, formulating a social media […]

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Social media mentions

What are Social Media Mentions?

When you are creating a social media strategy for your brand and implementing it, the idea is to gain visibility. While doing this, you also need to keep a check […]

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Social Listening best practices

Social Listening Best Practices

When brands want to know more about their customers these days, it is easy for them to get the information. Thanks to social media and social listening, brands can now […]

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Competitor Analysis

Why Should you Conduct Competitor Analysis?

Competitor analysis as a strategy is nothing new. Our ancestors had to do it before they went to fight battles. And even today as companies continue to fight over market […]

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Social Listening for Human Resources

Social Listening for Human Resources

The social listening tool is often positioned as a marketing tool for businesses. However, it is more of a business tool that is useful to all the arms of your […]

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Online Reputation Management Trends

Online Reputation Management Trends to Follow in 2020

Warren Buffet once said, “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and 5 minutes to ruin it”. This holds true, more so in a world where people have Internet […]

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Building Customer Trust

Building Customer Trust 

Truth be told, customers have a lot of options available to them in today’s day and age. Getting loyal customers is a luxury that every marketer dreams of. Although this […]

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Social Media Auditing

What, Why, and How of Social Media Auditing?

Marketing your brand on social media has become critical and more complex over the years. As a social media marketeer, you may have an elaborate social media strategy for your […]

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Improve your social listening

How to Improve your Social Listening?

With the rise in the use of artificial intelligence tools for marketing processes, social listening tools are often being discussed. Marketers and experts speak often about the concept of social […]

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Social listening to the online gaming community

Social Listening to the Online Gaming Community

Attention, game developers! Your industry is expected to grow and double in revenue in the next couple of years. Fortnite, League of Legends, Minecraft are some of the greatest names […]

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Improve your Digital Marketing Campaigns

5 Tips to Improve your Digital Marketing Campaigns

What makes for an impactful social media or digital marketing campaign? One which makes audience members feel they can relate to the content. A lot of effort and research goes […]

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Frequently asked questions about social listening

Frequently Asked Questions about Social Listening

When we ask brands to listen to their customers and audiences, we totally mean it. We ourselves decided to listen to the most frequently asked questions about social listening. And […]

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Know your audience with social media analytics

Know your Audience with Social Media Analytics

Have you fallen prey to unproductive SEO or shared content on social media that sees no engagement? The landscapes of search engines and the algorithms used by social media platforms […]

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organic food trends

Conversations on organic food in India: What can we learn?

The consumer chatter around organic food has been building up steadily over the last few years. We used the Auris platform to churn data and understand consumer insights related to […]

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Social listening helps pepsico's gatorade

Social Listening helps Pepsico’s Gatorade

Social media has impacted the lives of people and businesses alike. So much so that some of the world’s largest brands have set up social media control centers, in an […]

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AI Marketing

How is AI Shaping the Future of Marketing?

Artificial intelligence tools are being used extensively. They are being used to gain deeper knowledge about customers, clients, and leads. Most of you savvy marketers are aware of AI marketing […]

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Social listening for Product Development

Social Listening for Product Development

Product development is an intense and expensive endeavor. From researching a market need to conjuring up a product concept to developing the final product. All this while taking into account […]

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Social Media Response Team

Build an Effective Social Media Response Team

Consider your social media response team as a personal disaster management team for your business. This team manages the control center for your business by monitoring your brand mentions in […]

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How to handle bad reviews

How to Handle Bad Reviews?

Online reviews have become increasingly important for every business. Especially now that the millennials and Gen Z rely heavily on reviews and influencers. You may try every bit to deliver […]

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Social Listening Insights

Integrate Social Listening Insights into Marketing Strategies

Social media marketing enthusiasts have been advocating the use of AI tools for social listening. You may have come across a brand that is already using this technology or maybe […]

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Benefits of Social Listening

Benefits of Social Listening before a Product Launch

Your marketing efforts are essentially futile if you do not know what your customers want from you. And if you don’t know what they need, your product/service will obviously fall […]

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GenZ buyer Personas

GenZ Buyer Personas and How to Market to them?

Millennials and Gen Z make the most influential consumer groups right now. For most brands, members of these groups fall into their target audience. Their combined purchasing power forecast is […]

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Social Listening Command centers

What are Social Media Listening Centers?

Social listening has been gaining ground as an essential tool for online marketing. This trend is clearly visible in the fact that an increasing number of companies are tuning in […]

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Competitor Analysis

5 Must-dos for Competitor Analysis

We all think we know our competitors, but do we really? And no, we don’t mean it philosophically. We mean the understanding of our market standing in comparison. This is […]

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consumer insights

3 Customer Experience Insights that will Keep You in Business

Over the years, a lot has changed in the business space. What hasn’t is the fact that consumers still want to be treated well and be heard. This forms the […]

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Online Reputation Management for Hotels

Online Reputation Management for Hotels

The importance of online reputation management for hotels can not be overstated. This industry thrives by providing better customer service every day. What would it convey about a hotel’s service […]

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Social Listening for an Ad Agency

How Does Social Listening help an Ad Agency?

If you run an ad agency, you would already have a fair idea of how opinionated customers can be. And being a temple of creativity, you may sometimes not agree […]

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Why does social listening matter

Why does Social Listening matter?

We find every other report on digital marketing trends today talking about the growth of social listening. This emphasis has seen a sharp rise in the past few months. Brands […]

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automated influencer marketing

Automated Influencer Marketing

Most of us are aware of the phenomenal growth of influencer marketing in the industry. With the massive growth in its count of daily users, Instagram has also seen a […]

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Southwest Airlines - Best Social Listening Example

Southwest Airlines – The Best Social Listening Example

The world knows well how successful Southwest Airlines is. Terminals like Chicago Midway International airport witness long queues of people in front of their Southwest Airlines ticket counter. One of […]

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Digital Marketing Trends

Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends of 2020

What a year! And we are halfway through. Owing to the unique conditions mankind has had to adapt to, there have been some shifts in the online space too. The […]

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Increase your Share of Voice on Social Media

4 Ways to Improve your Share of Voice on Social Media

Social media is the world’s busiest place right now and makes the task of capturing customer attention increasingly competitive. There is a fight between brands to gain a small share […]

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Top Instagram Hashtags

Tools to Track Top Instagram Hashtags

The hashtag is an Internet and social media phenomenon that could help your brand grow. Don’t be surprised. Think about any Instagram or Twitter post that you have seen without […]

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Influencer Marketing during COVID19

Influencer Marketing During the Pandemic

The Coronavirus Pandemic has had its effect on everything, even influencer marketing. Some of these changes are short-lived while others are here to stay. Creators and influencers have also felt […]

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social media connections

Ways to Create Meaningful Social Media Connections

It’s 2020 and you already know the importance of social media. The last few months have seen a boom in social media usage like never before. The importance of building […]

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from influencers to micro-influencers

From Influencers to Micro-Influencers – Why it Makes Sense?

All of us have come across celebrity influencers at some point in our lives. But how often has a celebrity influencer ever influenced you to make a purchase? For many, […]

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Consumer Behavior during COVID-19

How is COVID19 Changing Consumer Behavior?

Business and industries have been hit hard across the globe due to the Coronavirus pandemic and this is no news anymore. Industries like tourism, transportation, education, and others have taken […]

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Improve social media presence for agencies

How Agencies can Improve their Social Media Presence

Billions of people are social media users today – over 3.8 billion! Managing your social media presence as an agency can be tough. And then comes the added pressure of […]

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Social Listening to Gen Z

Understanding How Gen Z Consumers Shop

Gen Z can truly be called the digital generation. They grew up in the world of social media, smartphones, and cheap internet. So where does this generation spend most of […]

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Influencer marketing for Start-ups

Influencer Marketing for Start-Ups

Almost every brand wants a slice of influencer marketing, even startups. You might think that influencer marketing for start-ups is a no-go given their budget constraints.  And obviously, they would […]

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Share of Voice

Share of Voice – What is it and How to Measure it?

Marketers often use the term “Share of Voice”. So what is it – an important metric or just another buzzword? Don’t we already have a lot of other metrics to […]

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Protect your Online Reputation

Protecting your Online Reputation Made Easy

Online reputation has become one of the most important assets of a company today. And we are not alone in saying so. A survey found 97% of the respondents reporting […]

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Digital Storytelling

The Future of Digital Storytelling

Digital storytelling is the new buzzword being used to describe a brand’s digital narrative. The word is sometimes used to refer to film-making. However, the newer definition of the word […]

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How to work with an Influencer

How to Work with an Influencer?

Over the past year, we have spoken a lot about influencer marketing. The reason is that working with influencers is a trend that has been gaining ground. Hence it is […]

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Social Listening for eCommerce

Can Social Listening Boost eCommerce?

Social media platforms continue to evolve. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook offer a marketplace feature already which allows online shoppers to buy items. This proves that social media platforms have […]

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Social Listening Campaigns

Start a Social Listening Campaign and Leverage it in these 3 Ways

Manually tracking online conversations is an impossible task. Social listening is the way to go here. Use a tool to track all mentions of your brand’s name or to track […]

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Brand Reputation During the Covid19 crisis

Managing Brand Reputation during the COVID19 Crisis

Rumors and misinformation spread fast in normal times and even faster, during times of crisis. And now with a raging global pandemic, people are reading anything and believing everything. Everyone […]

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Social listening for improved customer service

Improve your Customer Service with Social Listening

Every brand needs to understand its market and customers well. With the extensive use of digital and social media platforms, brands now have a way to know and understand their […]

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Social listening lessons from Cadbury

Social Listening Lessons From Cadbury

Cadbury, a brand owned by Mondelez International, is the largest confectionery manufacturer after Wrigley’s. For a company that was established almost 200 years ago, Cadbury has managed to stay relevant […]

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Social Media Marketing

The 3 M’s of Social Media Marketing

Almost half of the world’s population has access to social media platforms. As such, building a brand name on social media becomes critical for your survival. It involves awareness campaigns, […]

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Load up your content marketing toolbox

Load up Your Content Marketing Toolbox

Content Marketing is an invaluable tool and a daily affair for marketers. And, why shouldn’t it be? After all, content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates around […]

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Most followed Instagram Accounts

Top 15 Most Followed Instagram Accounts

Everyone has either come across an Instagram influencer, heard about one, or tried to be one, perhaps. The platform’s popularity has skyrocketed in recent times. So, it’s no wonder that […]

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Business Insights from Feedback Reviews

Business Insights from Feedback Reviews

All marketers obsess over online reviews and customer feedback because they provide insights that are great for making informed decisions. How so? Actionable business insights come to light when you […]

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Marketing Communication during Coronavirus

Marketing during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Almost all of us are under lockdown in our homes trying to adjust to a new work routine and working to identify and adopt some best practices for our businesses. […]

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Market Research

Ways to Bolster your Market Research with Social Listening

Most marketers swear by the need to conduct appropriate research before any product launch or campaign. But let’s be honest, who has the time to go through a full-throttle market […]

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Auris Features to help you through COVID19

How Auris can Help, in these Uncertain Times?

The World is at a standstill as we try to battle the COVID-19 virus. At this time, people are participating more on social media platforms to share their opinions. This […]

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Marketing on Facebook - essential resources

Essential Resources for Marketing on Facebook

The success of Facebook, or any social media platform, depends upon the size of the audience to which it holds an appeal.  As long as Facebook maintains its appeal to […]

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Social media intelligence for Customer Journey

Social Media Intelligence to help your Customer’s Journey

Businesses would have had a really smooth sailing if only customers discovered a product and simply bought it the next moment. But in the real world, the customer journey isn’t […]

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social listening covid

How should responsible brands behave in the aftermath of Covid-19?

The impact of Covid-19 is just beginning to unravel. Nobody knows the ‘endgame’. Is it a drug, a vaccine, tests or a period of continued lockdown? It’s a period of […]

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Crisis Communination during COVID19 Pandemic

Communication during the COVID-19 Outbreak

The World is going through one of the worst pandemics experienced and we just can’t ignore the elephant in the room. 2 months ago, the streets were bustling with people […]

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Ideas for Instagram captions

Ideas on Good Instagram Captions

Running a simple search on Google for “Instagram Caption Template” produces around 2,22,00,000 results. This only shows how seriously people take Instagram, their feed and the content they put up. […]

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social media audit

Social Media Audit: 7 metrics to track

Social media auditing is about to become one of the most important tasks for brands in the near future. The reason for this is not difficult to seek. The World […]

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Product launch on social media

A Perfect Product Launch on Social Media

In a world where people spend every minute online, it is very useful to understand how consumers interact with brands. Social media sites play a major role in how people […]

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Instagram hashtag analysis

Instagram Hashtag Analysis: An Essential Guide

We’ve talked quite extensively about the importance of Instagram hashtags in our previous blog posts. There’s no doubt that it has become a rage among marketers for all the right […]

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PR tools

5 Powerful PR Tools to Beat Your Competition

Businesses have been using PR tools and techniques for ages now. But 82% of marketers used to say they have no way to know the returns they receive through PR. […]

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Instagram for increasing sales

5 Ways to Increase Sales on Instagram

In this age of technology, no one is surprised when a relative newcomer overtakes an established brand. I’m talking about Instagram when compared to Facebook. Facebook has over 1.13 billion […]

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Instagram Analytics

Instagram Analytics: What Metrics Matter

Social media is all about social engagement and engagement matters the most on Instagram. In fact, engagement on Instagram is said to be 4-12x more than that on other platforms. […]

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Reach on Instagram

Top 5 Ways to Increase Reach on Instagram

It’s the dream of every brand, every influencer to have their business profile on Instagram go viral, and be visible to millions of people. Visibility brings new followers, building a […]

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Facebook Advertising vs Influencer Marketing

Is Influencer Marketing better than Facebook Advertising?

For years now brands have used Facebook’s native advertising to promote themselves. And it has helped them. Facebook has over 2 billion monthly active users. It provides the largest set […]

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Facebook Influencers

How to Find Facebook Influencers?

It is true that the term Facebook influencers isn’t used too often. Other platforms like Instagram and YouTube are more popular for Influencer marketing. But Facebook sure is the world’s […]

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Social media analytics

A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Social Media Analytics

Do you believe in the power of data to help you make smart business decisions? If yes, where would you find such data? Having found the data, how will you […]

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Emojis on Social Media

Your Ultimate Guide to Emojis on Social Media

Emojis are fun, creative and engaging. Which is why you should include emoticons in your content. Do you agree? Think about it!  They are a creative way to communicate visually. […]

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Hashtags on Instagram

How to Find Trending Hashtags on Instagram?

The use of hashtags has become the norm for quite some time now. In fact, It’s been there for over a decade. A hashtag was first used on August 24th, […]

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Create an Appealing Social Listening Strategy

Create an Appealing Social Listening Strategy for 2020

Social media sites have matured influencing the way businesses are carried out online. And this information may not be new to you. Social listening has become a tool to drive […]

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PR campaign effectiveness

5 steps to Evaluate your PR Campaign Effectiveness

There is no, one definite, way to measure the impact or success of a PR campaign. But, companies generally invest money in PR campaigns hoping to create some impact. When […]

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Micro - influencers

Are Micro-Influencers a Part of your Social Media Strategy?

Influencer marketing has been gaining popularity as a tool for social media promotions. Over a few years, brands have collaborated with influencers. As a result, the industry is now worth […]

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Online Reputation management cost-min

How much does Online Reputation Management Cost?

Marketers often find themselves confused when considering the best and budget ORM tools available. Online reputation management is of the utmost importance in the wired world. Hence, it makes sense […]

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Influencer Marketing campaigns

Top 6 Influencer Marketing Campaigns of 2018-19

18.5 million posts! That’s the number of posts Instagram turns up if you simply search the keyword “#influencer”! This goes to show how influencer marketing has become more plentiful and […]

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Competitor analysis tools for your brand-min

8 Competitor Analysis Tools for your Brand

If you have been following this space you know we have been laying emphasis on how important competitive analysis and benchmarking are. It is not just us, there’s a very […]

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How to find Instagram Influencers

How to find Instagram Influencers?

It’s a well-known fact that influencer marketing is one of the hottest marketing trends right now. Influencers are driving sales for brands around a topic, service or even a niche […]

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Top 6 Social Media Management Tools To Look Out For

Top 6 Social Media Management Tools to watch out for in 2020

As we advance into the future, the Internet gets more sophisticated. Conducting business online on social media gets easier and complicated at the same time. Reaching a vast audience and […]

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Competitive Analysis

Steps to Analyze your Competition on Social Media

Competitive analysis is the process where you categorize and test your rival brands. It involves using a collection of metrics to understand their strengths and weaknesses. This is also called […]

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Influencer Marketing

Use Social Listening for Influencer Marketing

A brand may claim any number of things. Consumers believe what their friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues have to say about a brand more than all such claims. They would […]

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Social media monitoring for PR

Why is Social Media Monitoring Essential for PR?

Gone are the olden days when PR professionals would make a statement on-air or get it printed. Social media has made the field of PR  fast-paced and also more fragile. […]

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Chatbots and social listening

Social Listening, Artificial Intelligence, and Chatbots

The digital world is creating enormous amounts of data on a daily basis. Social listening and social media analytics have made it significantly easy for us to analyze and understand […]

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Social media as an influence

How is Social Media Influencing your Customer?

It shouldn’t come as news to anyone that social media is continually growing in the number of its users and in terms of how much it influences people. People continue […]

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Death of Instagram's Likes

What does the Likes Ban on Instagram mean for Marketers?

The decision to hide likes on Instagram isn’t a rumor. It is real and will be happening soon. Adam Mosseri, the CEO of Instagram, recently mentioned that the feature which […]

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Assess Your Performance on social media

Assess your Performance on Social Media

Social media is a great space where you can interact and engage with your audience and get to know them better. So if you are using social media to reach […]

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Common Social Media Monitoring Mistakes

Common Social Media Monitoring Mistakes of most Brands

The Internet is a powerful space. You can’t afford to lose focus on the social media marketing front if you wish your brand to be a frontrunner. And while managing […]

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Social listening to Niche audience

Marketing to a Niche Audience

Gone are the days when social media conversations were open to everyone on the Internet. The trend today is to form closed communities, which are based on common interests and […]

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Using social listening to go beyond basic customer care

Use Social Listening to go beyond Basic Customer Care

The scope of social media for business research purposes is vast, but most brands usually fail to look beyond its basic utility or leverage its potential. Social listening tools can […]

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Trend Monitoring

How to Anticipate and Track Trends Online

The growth of social media has been explosive in the last decade and with all this flux of digital networking, it has become a way of life to have these […]

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Social listening during the holiday season

Grow your Business in the Holiday Season with Social Listening

The holiday season is fast approaching which means people will shop. Are you prepared? Are you worried about all the offline preparation, online promotions and the handling of social media […]

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Financial Services and Social Listening

Can Social Listening be useful for Financial Services?

Social media platforms today essentially play a variety of roles in today’s world, like a marketplace, a research database or a user’s journal where someone can share their experiences. 74% […]

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Social Listening for Small businesses

Social Listening for Small Businesses

Recently, a member of my business school alumni group inquired if any of us had used a particular service and sought feedback on their quality. The only answer to this […]

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A Lesson in Social Listening from Netflix

Netflix is among the top names that come to mind when talking about video-streaming and online media services and rightly so. The company is a powerhouse in all its endeavors […]

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Social listening to LinkedIn – How does it help?

LinkedIn was built to act as a professional platform that connects businesses, employers, and employees and every other person who can be called a professional. Along with Facebook, Twitter, and […]

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Social Listening for Agencies

What Features should Agencies look for in a Social Listening Tool?

Social listening for agencies is a tough nut to crack. For an agency, a lot is at stake – the client’s reputation, their own reputation, and their need to attract […]

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Restaurant reviews on social media

Staying on Top of your Restaurant Chain’s Reviews

The Internet is full of review sites, especially so for the hospitality sector. Online review sites are such a rage because they empower consumers to feel that they can speak […]

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Social Listening for Recruitment

Social Listening for Recruitment

Social media is being used in every field, from research to recruitment. Social media sites today serve as a friendly place for employers to advertise their openings and for employees […]

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Social media scanner helps in strategizing

Are you using a Social Media Scanner?

Do you know what your target customers want and expect from your brand? Marketers often get confused about how to effectively use social media analytics or retrieve insights and put […]

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How do you Run Social Media Analytics for your Brand

How do you Run Social Media Analytics for your Brand?

Companies have experienced the horrors of instant defamation as well as the power of overnight success, thanks to social media. It could take just one viral Tweet or a poor […]

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Social listening to World Mental Health Day Chatter

Listening to what the Internet said on World Mental Health Day

Our world is a curious place and the people around us are beset by many problems. One of them is the growing number of people falling prey to mental health […]

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Social listening to Instagram

Social Listening to Instagram – Why is it Critical For Lifestyle Brands?

The number of social networking sites online keeps growing by the day with no signs of abating. Given the high number of players, the competition to be at the top […]

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Lead generation

Quality Lead Generation using Social Listening

Social listening as a marketing tool has been gaining recognition and universal adoption. More companies are becoming aware of the technology, and they are asking a number of questions about […]

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App Playstore Appstore Review

Playstore & Appstore reviews: A source of consumer insights

Your app is your “storefront.” Customers come in and out and engage with your product or service in between. The rating and comments they leave are a direct reflection of […]

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Digital Consumer Intelligence

Digital Consumer Intelligence

In the digital era, trends and online chatter are deciding the futures of industries. Over the past few decades, there has been exponential growth in the availability of digital data. […]

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Unique value proposition using consumer voice

Consumer Voice can tell You the Truth About Your Value Proposition

More often than not, consumers fail to identify with brands and their value proposition. This is very common in the case of new and upcoming businesses. Companies put forth a […]

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social listening digital agency

Listening and Consumer Insights Platform for Agencies

Agency owners will vouch for the fact that theirs is one of the most competitive industries. For every agency that winds down, there are a couple that comes up. Existing […]

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Buyer personas

How Social Listening helps Understand Buyer Personas

Imagine being able to be a part of an open discussion with your future clients and have them spell out their needs and expectations from your product or service! Any […]

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Online Rputation Management

Online Reputation Management (ORM) – The ROI Story

Analysts have spent years researching the relationship between customer sentiments expressed online and their impact on overall brand health. Online brand reputation matters for a number of logical reasons. Attempts […]

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influencer marketing insurance

Top 15 influencers who participated in insurance discussions in India

Influencer marketing is being deployed by brands across industry verticals. Insurance is no exception. The question though is about identifying the right influencers to engage with. The best way is […]

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Social listening in the Tourism industry

Why is Social Listening Essential for the Tourism and Travel Industry

Tourism has taken the world by storm. There are thousands of travel-bloggers posting daily on social media, with an immense follower base. It is almost a universal fact that people […]

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insurance social listening

Insurance trivia from the ‘voice of the customer’

If you work on an insurance brand or are generally the curious type, you might find interesting. We used Auris to listen in to conversations around insurance (July 2019, India […]

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Campaign analytics Auris

What’s a story worth telling?

What’s a story worth telling? One that drives real conversations. Good brand managers relish the challenge of creating a brand preference in competitive categories. Of course, the real question underlying […]

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alternative data for research

Alternative data​ offers an alternative to market research

About 0.5% – 3% of revenues are spent on collecting consumer insights and conducting market research. Consumer brand behemoths such as Coca Cola or P&G spend significant amounts on research […]

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How to use Social Data to Enhance Your Market Research

How to Use Social Data to Enhance Your Market Research

Market research has come a long way from surveys and questionnaires. AI and Big-Data-driven tools are the big guns supporting quality research now. However, there is still a disconnect. This […]

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Social Listening for Brand Loyalty

Social Listening for Brand Loyalty

Brand loyalty is the emotional connect that is built when a customer can really trust a brand. Business expansion and acquiring new customers are worthy goals but can’t come at […]

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Social data use in Automotive Industry

Why should the Automotive Industry track Social Data?

When we talk of social media and businesses, the automotive industry is also a keen participant online. In fact, some auto brands are leading the pack on social media, which […]

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Common Myths Social Intelligence

Busting the Common Myths About Social Media Intelligence

Being a netizen in the 21st century, you’d be surprised to know about the myths marketers believe in, about social media and its related tools. Some of these myths have […]

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Marriott and Rahul Bose Reputation Management case

Did this International Hotel Chain fail in Real-time Reputation Management?

Most of us, saddled with the burden of grocery shopping, roam the aisles of the supermarket looking for discounts and offers. We mourn the rising prices of onions and bananas […]

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Customer Service NPS

What can Companies learn from their Net Promoter Score?

In our blog posts, we have often talked about online brand reputation management and the importance of it. Here, we discuss something closely linked to ORM. Net Promoter Score – […]

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Social Listening is keeping your competitors ahead

Social Listening is Keeping Your Competitors Ahead

Are you unable to understand how your competitor seems to have a better online presence and worried that you are missing out on something important? Then you may want to […]

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4 Reasons to Dig Deeper into Social Listening

4 Reasons to Dig Deeper into Social Listening

.There’s no gainsaying the fact that social listening is highly beneficial for conducting sentiment analysis and deriving business insights from it. Using social media listening, we can derive actionable insights […]

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Social Selling - A Social Listening Use Case (1)

Social Selling – A Social Listening Use Case

Social selling has become quite the buzz word of late. Think of direct selling (and all the processes related to it) but just online on social platforms. Social selling has […]

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Company branding

Assess Your Brand Reputation on Social Media Networks

It takes years to build a reputed brand name; however, one negative review could ruin it and leave a wreck behind. Keeping track of your brand reputation becomes vital to […]

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Social listening for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Social Listening for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Global life expectancy has gone up by 9.365 years since the 1980s. Credit for this goes to better awareness among the people and the improvement in healthcare technology and the […]

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Social media brand awareness

The Road to Measuring Brand Awareness

In the modern world, establishing one’s digital presence is one of the most followed marketing strategies. Setting a success meter and gauging marketing ROI by trying to measure brand awareness […]

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ICC Cricket World Cup 2019

Social Listening into the Cricket World Cup Buzz

The social media is abuzz with chatter about many of the recent happenings, like the anti-abortion laws, Indian elections, Brexit and so on. We at GenY Labs decided to pick […]

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Inspiring Examples of Social Media Listening Campaigns

Inspiring Examples of Social Media Listening Campaigns

The growing buzz around social media listening and monitoring would make some of you wonder if companies really implement these tools. Truth be told, in this day and age, social […]

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Brand PR crisis management

PR Crisis Management using Social Listening

Every brand manager’s worst nightmare would be a PR crisis and understandably so. While it might take years to earn goodwill or to build a strong brand reputation, a single […]

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Social Listening to millennias

Is Your Brand Listening to the Millennials?

This is undoubtedly the age of technological advancement. Millennials are the first generation to have experienced technological development from the moment they are born and through their years of development. […]

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Sentiment analysis for Brand reputation-min

The Overall Sentiment around Your Brand can Tell You a Lot

Sentiment analysis holds up a mirror which helps to reflect the sentiments evoked by your brand’s products and services. Just as a person seeks feedback from their significant others on […]

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social listening for schools

How can Social Listening help Schools?

An extensive amount of research into a school’s reputation precedes any decision made by parents (as well as the students themselves) when it comes to choosing a school these days. […]

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How to Create a Social Media Report?

You may feel great about your social media campaign and think its success is assured. But unless you analyze the numbers for insights, you would never really know how your […]

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Market research using Twitter-min

Conducting Market Research using Twitter

Social media, especially Twitter, offers a hidden bounty which can be tapped into with the right tool. For any marketer looking for business intelligence and consumer insights, social media listening […]

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Event - social mentions

Social Listening Helps Track Event-Related Social Mentions

Is your company planning a gala event or a tradeshow? It is quite customary to plan activities which keep your audience engaged during such events. Companies are solely hosting online […]

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Camp Notes on fashion

Tracking the Buzz around Met Gala 2019

One of the most awaited events of the year – the Met Gala is considered the Oscars of fashion by many. Held every year on the first Monday of May, […]

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Social Listening For Fashion Industry

Social Listening for Fashion Retail Industry

The industry which witnesses changing trends almost every week is fashion retail. We can safely say that the only thing constant in the fashion world is that fashion never goes […]

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10 Tips for Social Media Listening

10 Points to Consider before Planning your Social Media Listening Project

Information is critical for discovering opportunities. Data seekers are getting smarter, and so is technology. Insights essential for your business is quite commonplace today – available from sources like the […]

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Social media monitoring

What is Social Media Monitoring and Why is it Important?

Social media monitoring is the act of identifying and gathering information regarding your brand mentions and customer sentiments online. The sample size for such data collection is massive. It encompasses […]

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Social Engagement

What is Social Engagement?

Human beings love interactions; we are social beings after all. No wonder social media is trying to capitalize on our socializing nature. Social engagement could be both offline or online, […]

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Listening Platforms: An Important Part of your Social Media Management Arsenal

Companies are increasingly digitalizing their marketing efforts, which need to be managed well if they are to achieve their goals and succeed in their efforts. There are multiple platforms and […]

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sentiment analysis

Sentiment Analysis: A Comprehensive Guide

The innate ability of humans to understand emotion and sentiments sets them apart from every known species. Machines today are trying to mimic this quality. We, humans, display sentiments in […]

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Assess Social monitoring vs social listening

Social Listening vs. Social Monitoring

“Your brand name is only as good as your reputation” The tricky thing about brand reputation is that it is difficult to achieve but extremely easy to lose. People are […]

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B2B social listening tools

Why should B2B brands use a social listening and media monitoring platform?

The use of social listening tools by consumer facing brands has an obvious and tangible value. B2C industry verticals have frequent consumer interactions which is enabled by such platforms. Furthermore, […]

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Business Insights using Social Media Intelligence

Business Insights using Social Intelligence

Innovations made possible by technology are a way of life today, helping to improve the way we do business. A great example would be how artificial, and social intelligence is […]

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Competitor Analysis using Social Listening

Competitor Analysis using Social Listening

Enterprises, like people, try to be recognized for being the best at what they do. Are your competitors allowing your company to achieve this dream? Social listening for competitive intelligence […]

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The Most Popular Social Listening Tools

Business intelligence holds the key to a company’s progress, and the simplest way to gain crucial business insights is to interact directly with the most valuable stakeholder – your customer. […]

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Social Listening

Social Listening – A Reality Check For Your Brand

Managers are actively engaging themselves in social media marketing. Most of them would agree that social listening is key to social media marketing and online reputation management. Social listening is […]

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Brand perceptions

Managing perceptions is critical to enhancing brand equity

In 1954, a 52-year-old milkshake mixer salesman entered a restaurant kitchen for a tour. Having seen (and been in) thousands of kitchens, he was convinced that this was the best-run […]

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healthcare ORM case studies

Online Reputation Management in Healthcare: Some Case Studies

In healthcare, “Trust” is paramount. This was something the founder of Johnson & Johnson recognized and remarked upon nearly 84 years ago, when he said that businesses had a responsibility […]

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free ORM tools

Top Free Tools to Monitor your Online Reputation

Online reviews are a boon and a bane at the same time! They work better than any word-of-mouth publicity with positive reviews. That’s because 84% of people who access them, […]

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reputation management team

Setting up an online reputation system and team?

When visiting a new city, most people request Google to recommend the ‘best restaurants near me’. The numbered list they get back in nanoseconds clearly ranks the restaurants near them […]

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Quotable quotes on online reputation management

Online Reputation Management – Words of Wisdom

Reputation is extremely fragile, like a mirror, requiring you to nurture it and care for it with devotion. However, it can be damaged in a matter of minutes and much […]

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NPS measurements in real time

Real time Net Promoter Score – your ultimate brand health measure

Reichheld introduced the concept of the Net Promoter Score (NPS) in his article titled “The One Number You Need to Grow” published in the Harvard Business Review’s December 2003 edition […]

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Alerts for brand safety, brand reputation

5 alerts which help safeguard your brand’s online reputation

There are umpteen examples which illustrate how not being on top of what is being said about your brand can render a jolt to its equity. In our previous blog […]

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Brand reputation and ORM

What reputational risks can you avert using an online reputation tool?

Brand managers would swear by this famous quote by Warren Buffet – “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about […]

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Making gold of “Hamberders”

Burger King is earning itself a reputation – of actively listening and making gold out of seemingly inconsequential moments. Our earlier blog had referred to the moment which Burger King […]

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Online reputation management glossary

The Ultimate Glossary of Online Reputation Management Terminology

In one fell swoop, investors wiped out $40 billion off the market value of Johnson &Johnson, when Reuters reported that the healthcare giant has known for decades that its baby […]

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Salesforce Auris Integration

How to integrate Auris with Salesforce and other CRMs?

Auris comes with ready integrations with leading CRM platforms such as Salesforce, Hubspot, Zoho amongst others. Integrating Auris with such enterprise platforms has been an important component of our product […]

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How to setup influencer alerts

How to use Auris to set up influencer alerts

In the perfect world, every customer conversation would be dealt with instantly and by the right person within the brand’s operations team. The reality for most brands? This “best practice” […]

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online reputation management bank

What should the online reputation management system for a bank look like?

Consider any business with a widespread footprint – a retail chain, a national bank or a chain of spa parlors. A common issue which each of these brands face relates […]

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Workflows: An amazing feature is now live on Auris!

The premise of the Auris platform has been to enable action using the insights gained, in real time. Some of these actions can be tactical – requiring an immediate alert. […]

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users context social crm

Learn about the User, before you Leap to Reply

You’d recall several incidents where brands responded to consumers without understanding their context or who they were. One recent example was when the great cricketer, Sachin Tendulkar, complained to British […]

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Auris dashboards

The Dashboards of Auris: What Stories do they Tell?

Dashboards provide a 30,000 feet view of your brand’s performance. They help you understand the health of your brand, consumer issues and the demography of your audience. You can also […]

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how to setup competition in auris

How to Add Competitors for Competitive Analysis in Auris?

Understanding what your competitors publish and the reach and engagement they achieve is an important input to your marketing strategy. Using Auris you can achieve the following: Learn from the […]

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listening in multiple languages

What Languages can Auris help Listen to and Analyze?

To tell your brand’s story effectively, you must understand the consumer’s story first. For global or multi-regional brands, these stories come in different languages. How do you make sense of […]

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advocacy campaigns

How can you Identify Advocates and Engage with them?

A study points out that consumers are 71% more likely to buy from a brand if it comes recommended by a social connection. Word-of-mouth advocacy and customer reviews on social […]

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consumer segments

Demography and Sentiment: What Insights can you Get?

This may seem like Marketing 101 but you’d be surprised to know that consumer segmentation and its application to marketing are not widely understood. Consumer segmentation can be done in […]

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media spend on social by competition

An Inside View of your Competitors’ Spend on Media

I am sure you have wondered about the amounts your competitors’ spend on social platforms to boost their posts or tweets. You would also have wondered what media spend strategy […]

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competitive insights social media publishing

What can Your Competition’s Content Teach You?

How does a champion player, who plays in the major leagues, prepare for a match? One of the important aspects would be to study the opponent’s game, his/her strategy to […]

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content publishing

6 Ways Auris Weaves its Magic to Help Create Engaging Content

Content publishing aims to build conversations with the target audience, which eventually lead to conversions. Decisions on what content to publish are either based on hypotheses (audience ‘might’ connect with […]

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sector specific social listening

Does Your Social Listening Tool Comprehend Sector-specific Context?

Context is everything they say. And it should be no different w.r.t. drawing social listening insights from the buzz around your topic of interest. While it intuitively makes sense, CMOs […]

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Ai data enrichment

AI-Powered Data Enrichment

If technology has made the collection and storage of data extremely easy, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made the task of organizing such data and analyzing it easier. Machine Learning plays […]

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chat bot for auto response

Reply Bots – The Risk-Reward Tradeoff

Businesses today use AI-powered chatbots to offer responsive customer service online, at all times of the day, on their company’s website and as a live chat on the mobile app. […]

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listening real time

What does Real Time Listening do for You?

So, what is the big deal about listening in real time? What if you listen in to what your consumers are saying every other day or perhaps during your monthly […]

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questionnaire based survey limitations

An Incredible Alternative to Questionnaire-based Research

Questionnaire-based research methodologies have their own well-known limitations. It is tragic but true, that we realize this fact only in retrospect, after we spent tens of thousands of dollars! Most […]

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research sample size

What Sample Size is Acceptable for Qualitative Market Research?

All marketing practitioners who have taken up consumer research would have encountered the question – how big should the sample size be? For qualitative studies, the answer typically is: “As […]

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Ontario elections

Auris Prediction: NDP is giving a Tough Fight to the PCs!

Our social listening-based analysis of the Ontario elections is finally drawing to a close. In the run up to E-day on June 7th, 2018, Ontarians have decidedly moved away from Liberals. […]

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Ontario elections social listening analytics

The Pulse of Voters in Ontario in the run up to the Elections (May 3rd Week)

In our last analysis we showed how the perceptions and responses of Ontarians were changing over the past few weeks, as seen from the lens of the PC Party. Here’s our latest […]

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Ontario elections buzz map

Ontario’s Provincial Elections – What do People Want?

We put Auris, our AI based consumer insights engine to the task of identifying key issues which people are discussing in each riding of Ontario. We wanted to monitor how […]

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GenY Labs progress

GenY Labs and our Consumer Insights Engine ‘Auris’: The Beginning

My first “home visit”, a market research methodology very rigorously followed at Procter and Gamble (and I am sure at all major consumer facing companies) was a revelation. 3 of […]

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Mining the Buzz around Automobile Brands – Honda and Volkswagen

You’ve already heard enough spiel on “Big Data”. You have submitted to its might and have accepted that it is indeed going to change the world as we know it. […]

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