Empower my brand
Empower my brand

The future of eCommerce looks bright. It is estimated that over 15% of all retail sales will shift to eCommerce by 2021 on a global scale. The retail eCommerce sales in the Asia Pacific are expected to be greater than in the rest of the world by 2023. With such massive growth within the industry, you can’t afford to lag behind. It’s time you start and boost your eCommerce business. The best way to boost growth for any business is to excel at customer service. It’s also a given way to build more loyal customers. Here’s the strategy for you to get going. 

Boost your eCommerce Business

Boost your eCommerce Business by Building Customer Loyalty 

When is a buyer more inclined to return as a customer? When we offer quality products!? Sure, but your brand isn’t the only one offering quality products. It’s for how valued you make the customer feel. Data shows, about 40% of customers are likely to buy more from brands and keep returning to them when they acknowledge their birthday. This is a classic example of personalization in marketing. 

People move away from generic messages. The best way to hold on to their attention is to show them you value them as customers. Imagine sending maternity gown promotional messages to a 70-year single man. It doesn’t make sense and hence does not convert into a sale. Knowing your audience is key to building an emotional connection with your potential customers.  

1. Know Your Audience 

When it comes to attracting new customers or even retaining existing customers, content plays a critical role. It could be via a blog post, a social media post/ad, or via a video promotion. More personalized content means more chances to convert a lead. 

The best way to put forth personalized content is to study your audience well. Knowing about their interests and other demographic details helps to plan your message. Moreover, getting complete insight about the times when they are the most active, their purchasing habits, etc. helps you boost the organic traffic of your posts. You do not necessarily have to do the analysis on your own. Social media listening tools help track and measure each metric you require. 

2. Expand Into Newer Markets 

We mentioned tracking consumers’ conversations using social listening tools in the previous section. Now, while you are at it, you also have access to every need and requirement of your consumer. You also know what your audience thinks of your competitor brand. Use these insights to pick up on opportunities and market gaps. 

If there is a need within your business scope, you will know thanks to the global stream of data feeding into your dashboard in real-time. Fulfill the need and boost your eCommerce revenue. 

3. Post-Purchase Follow-Up

It is obvious that you need to retain your current customers before you try to attract new customers. The cost of attracting new customers is higher than retaining current customers. So you do not want to lose them. To make sure you have a loyal customer base, make sure you connect and follow up with them.  Set up real-time alerts on your social listening platform. Every time a review or mention comes up, reach out to them and fix the issue to the best of your ability. This also helps improve your brand image and could help you gain more potential customers via word-of-mouth. 

Final Words

Every time you strategize and implement a campaign or any business plan, it is critical that you monitor the results. Keep tracking and improvising to get better results. Social intelligence tools such as social listening are here to help you with all the analytical decision making.