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Our platform comes wrapped with a slew of allied services, which can help you get more out of the platform. Get more insights from your very own brand data.

Digital Market Research

Customer Feedback & Analysis

Online Reputation Management

Category Research Report

Digital Market Research

If you have an interesting market research question, you can get that answered using our digital market research service. We use Auris, our AI based platform to get unprompted views of your consumers as expressed on social networks and review boards. The sample size of consumer inputs can be significantly higher than the numbers you’d be able to reach out to through conventional market research channels.

Since the consumers have expressed themselves unprompted with no incentive, the quality of data is great. Most often the sample size is large enough to bring out insights with good confidence intervals. All for a fraction of the cost you’d otherwise bear if you were to do it the conventional way.

An important advantage of using digital data for market research is that you need not restrict your research to a set questionnaire. Since the data is already out there, you can come up with multiple set of hypothesis and slice and dice the data to get corresponding answers. Your research therefore becomes more exploratory allowing you the flexibility to get answers to second level questions such as “so what?”, “why do users want that feature?” and so on.

Have an interesting market research problem? Do reach out to us and we’d be happy to use Auris to find the answers for you!

Customer Feedback & Analysis

Have a bunch of customer feedback and response coming in and wanted an analysis? We can help you analyze customer feedback using our AI driven models. Our industry specific models help come up with insights which are very contextual to you.

We use Auris, our platform, to provide this service in different forms:

  • You don’t have the data: We help collect the data for a given time frame and defined feedback sources. We understand the hypothesis you wish to test or just the detail of what insights you are looking for. Our engine than churns those insights.
  • You have your own data sources and need to augment that for analysis. We can augment your data with more data available otherwise to validate your existing findings to come up with new findings
  • You want us to work on your data: For example, you have a million customer feedback emails. That is no issue as well. We can churn your data and deliver insights. Our specialty is dealing with unstructured data.

Customer feedback embodies a wealth of information for your brand and business. Rely on Auris to deliver rich consumer and business insights using the unstructured data you have.

Online Reputation Management

Our online reputation management service is a layer on top of our platform. We provide this solution to those brands who see a high volume of chatter around their brands and work in domains which are vulnerable to reputational risk.

We help device the response strategy which includes:

  • Setting up Auris, to listen to all the chatter across the board
  • Integration with proprietary sources which you might have
  • Customizing dimensions as per your specific needs
  • Set-up alert thresholds for crisis situations
  • Integration to existing on new CRMs to enable responses, tracking and reporting
  • Define and implement workflows, escalation metrics
  • Define dashboards for different management tiers for your business

The solution helps you make the most of our platform and ensure that your brands’ reputation is always in good health!

Category Research Report

Business leaders and CXOs love to keep track of all the movements in their industry vertical or category. The de-facto source of information are research reports published by consulting houses or boutique research firms. For more important reports, you may commission your own research. We provide solutions to augment/replace some of your needs through our in-depth category reports.

Our category research reports help deliver insights which cover a variety of important points:

  • Consumer trends – what are people looking for? Are there unmet or underserved needs?
  • Competitive landscape – how do various players stack up against each other in the space?
  • Technological or business model disruptions – what kind of disruptions are being reported in the category?
  • New entrants – monitor new entrants to understand what their role in the industry could be in the future.
  • M&A, financing or public offering related activity in the industry.
  • Policies and regulatory trends for the industry in a specific region or globally.

This and more, based on what you are looking for. The advantage of our reports lies in the mass of the underlying data, which is from a wider spectrum and the recency of data. Reports curated from the latest, deeper and wider data sources implies more thorough reports. Speak with our experts today to understand more!