Empower my brand
Empower my brand

Draw insights from conversations around your insurance brand

Auris, our AI powered platform helps you understand your consumers better and draw up your marketing strategies accordingly. Use the platform to understand issues which existing policy holders face. Auris can also help identify potential insurance buyers.

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Insights powered by AI for your insurance brand

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What kind of questions can Auris answer for insurance brand custodians?

Our dashboards, on a real-time basis, showcase how happy your policy holders are, which can directionally predict policy renewal ratios. You can deep dive by demography, location and address operational issues which might be leading to a poor consumer experience for your policy holders or subscribers.

The most frequently quoted issue consumers face is that of miss-selling. The sales agents, brokers or resellers are incentivized for number of policies sold, which can lead to an undesirable consequence – miss-selling. Very often a poor customer experience is linked to a policy which has been miss-sold. Auris helps detect complaints of miss-selling and brings it to your attention in real time.

Auris identifies the main reasons why your policy holders are disgruntled and therefore helps to identify the right solution. Click on these interactive charts to see how issues have been classified and to discover new issues which may have come up.

Trusted, credible, good value, forward thinking are perhaps desirable brand attributes for your brand. What brand attributes are reflected by the chatter around your brand? How do different demography perceive your brand differently? Auris helps you understand such subjectivities and more.

You have launched a new accident product or have ventured into a new health insurance product. Auris can help quantify whether adequate buzz has been created around this launch amongst your target audience. Understand the response and titrate your campaign spends and message based on that.

We measure your absolute reach and engagement on social and help determine you share of voice versus your peers in the insurance industry as well as your share of mind or share of engagement versus your peers. A good, objective indicator of whether there was a brand lift you got for your campaign or not.

A great use case of auris is that you can understand what newer products you could launch. This helps define your product road map including new products, brand extensions or new brands itself. Tune into the buzz and dissect customer enquiries to cull out their underserved needs.