Empower my brand
Empower my brand

Learn about outages as soon as they happen

Auris constantly listens to consumer feedback and alerts you on impending issues and crises. Auris provides location specific insights so that you can make timely interventions where needed. These and much more.

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How does Auris enhance your utility brand's business performance?

Digital Command Center

Understand Local Issues

Measure Brand Metrics

Respond In Real Time

Diagnose Customer Concerns

Measure Response TAT

Automate Escalation Management

Benchmark Against Competitors

What insights does Auris help you unearth about your utilities brand?

Utilities by design are “essential” services. Any outage can elicit a serious consumer response. Auris helps you pin down the root cause of your consumer complaint. Whether the issue was due to billing discrepancy, customer service, break-downs and so on, with Auris, you can know the genesis of the negative sentiment in detail.

Being essential services, turn around times (or TATs) are a key measure you’d want to understand. Rely on Auris to understand how you are doing on responsiveness measures of TATs and improve your operations.

Your services are typically spread across multiple locations. In fact, a surge in complaints or enquiries from a location can be a very useful alert. Auris helps you achieve just that. Understand which locations are seeing an issue in real time.

Compare your sentiment and discussions around your brand with others. Auris helps you measure performance and set up internal performance or SLA benchmarks versus your peers or competition.

Utility brands are often “invisible” unless an outage leads to consumers paying attention to the brand. Brand managers and leadership engage in a variety of community initiatives, thought leadership portraying content amongst other activities to drive consumer preference and a positive brand association. Auris helps verify if such initiatives are reaching enough people and creating the right amount of excitement.

Monitor the buzz around your company’s leadership. Auris helps you monitor the buzz around your corporate leadership team. Auris also helps identify advocates and engage them during upcoming campaigns or amplifying your leadership’s message.

Is your utility brand seen as reliable and one which is fair? Auris helps you understand how your customers perceive your brand. A great input to your marketing and communication strategy.