Empower my brand
Empower my brand

The success of Facebook, or any social media platform, depends upon the size of the audience to which it holds an appeal.  As long as Facebook maintains its appeal to a large audience, brands will continue using it for marketing purposes. As of today, it’s safe to say that Facebook advertising is here for the long haul. Hubspot reports that 42% of marketers say social media marketing on Facebook is critical or important to their business. And this number has gone up 75% since then. 

Marketing on Facebook - essential resources

You are either marketing on Facebook as an individual or for a brand. Both ways, you will need to know how to reach an extensive audience of over 2 billion users. With all these mind-boggling stats about Facebook, there must be resources to help you get started with the marketing part. Here is a list of essential resources for marketing on Facebook. 

Marketing On Facebook Native Tool

The first resource that you might come across is from the house of Facebook itself. Facebook has been investing in its own advertising tool to help brands perform better on their social media platform. Facebook Advertising page takes care of all your needs as a beginner. They have curated free tools, skills and training lessons et cetera. You can even contact them in case you have any questions or doubts which they might have missed out on answering. 

Facebook Studio 

Another essential resource for marketing on Facebook is its Facebook Studio. This is probably also the favorite Facebook resource for most marketers. This is Facebook’s creative shop that helps creators manage their content. You’ll find the most creative campaigns, a directory of agencies with experience in Facebook marketing campaigns and more. 

Facebook Power Editor

If you’re using Facebook ads, you might want to know about the Facebook Power Editor. This tool is ideal for bulk ad creation and management. This tool is available as a plugin for Google Chrome. Every time you use the Power Editor, it downloads all the data from Facebook’s Ad Manager. Then it helps you get creative with your ad campaigns. When you upload the changes, you actually start running the ad and will be able to view it on Facebook’s Ad Manager. 


So now you know about the resources essential to managing your content. But how do you research the key topics for your audience? How do you know about the trends in their preferences? Knowing the demographics only helps you create better campaigns with appropriate messaging. Social media listening helps you gain these insights. No one has the time and energy to keep surfing social media sites all day. Not that such surfing would help you derive many useful insights. Let AI do this work for you. Type in the keywords you’d like to know more about. Integrate your Facebook business page and Auris will run the analysis for you. The tool offers support even while you have an ongoing campaign. How is the performance? What’s the overall sentiment? It will all be on the dashboard. 

That’s a lot of information to process at the moment and we will come back with more. Start with these essential resources for marketing on Facebook. These are bound to help you steer your campaigns in the right direction.