Empower my brand
Empower my brand

To tell your brand’s story effectively, you must understand the consumer’s story first. For global or multi-regional brands, these stories come in different languages. How do you make sense of this potpourri of chatter and derive the insights you need?

A brand with a presence across different countries or linguistic regions should expect to get into conversations with their consumers in multiple languages. How do you tune into these and more importantly, how do you interpret the essence of what the consumer is saying?

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) model used in Auris supports all mainstream languages. All 140 of them!

So, whether it is Hindi or Azerbaijani, Czech or French, Japanese or Portuguese – Auris can take in any chatter and churn out insights which you can then act on.

This multilingual feature of Auris comes in handy when planning and running a multi-regional or multi-country campaign. Or while tracking multi-country events such as the Olympics. You need not restrict your analysis to the lowest common denominator of English. All it takes to set up Auris to monitor mentions in multiple languages is 2 minutes. Read on.

How do you add more languages in Auris?

First, you can add topics in different languages. Just go to setup in the left panel and add keywords in the language(s) you are interested in. Perhaps, you can start with your brand in a different script. Lets say, “Coca Cola”, “κόκα κόλα”, “コカコーラ”, “कोका कोला” and so on.

Click on setup and add these keywords under “Keywords to Monitor.”

To track mentions in other languages, click on setup from the left panel. Click on the edit icon next to Monitor and add all the languages you’d like to in the language tab.

language selection

Voila! You are now all set to monitor the chatter from around the world. What’s next? Learn from consumers, draw out regional insights and perhaps create region specific strategies, advertising and campaigns.