Empower my brand
Empower my brand

Companies in modern times do not require a massive capital budget to get started. The costs and methods of marketing one’s products are transformed beyond all recognition. This has been made possible by the advent of social media and the tools that complement its use. With social media, even a small business has the largest audience to reach out to. And with the right tools, they reap profits with minimal investments and in no time. Social media analytics for small businesses does exactly this. 

Social media analytics for small businesses

What makes Social Media Analytics Crucial for Small Businesses?

Social media analytics tools are more important for small businesses than for larger corporations. When you are running a small business you have to focus on building a strong brand image. You have to keep working on improving your reach and visibility while ensuring that your reputation is positive. All this, while you are on a little budget. The CMO Survey reports that over 60%of marketers face pressure about proving ROI. And as a small firm with a tight budget, it is understandable that you would want to only implement things that work. 

With social media analytics, it’s smart-work more than hard-work. The difficulty of marketing your small business lies in the fact that you have limited resources. Unlike MNCs, you might not have a large team or a big budget. Also, you will have to take care of every aspect of the business within your limited time. 

Social media analytics helps with each of these limitations. With a proper tool:

  • You don’t need much time or a large team. The tool makes your job easier by making most of the work automated. 
  • Powerful analytics help you optimize your social media and online performance. 
  • Every strategy or campaign you plan is data-driven. 
  • You get automated insights and recommendations from across multiple online sources on a single dashboard. Some tools also deliver customized reports built around your company’s performance on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. 
  • You get help with not only the marketing side of things. The tool brings you data about your target audience thus helping your sales team. It brings you real-time customer feedback and sentiment analysis helping the customer service aspect of your business and much more. 

Why Use Social Media Analytics for Small Businesses?

As a business owner of the new age, you already know the value of online marketing.   Social media Analytics only helps you perfect your efforts. Let’s look at how social media analytics helps small businesses specifically in generating the following:

Visibility and Lead Generation

As a new brand, you need to find your customers before they find you. One of the greatest ways to do that without splurging on lead generation applications is to invest in social listening. Social listening is a part of social media analytics that allows you to listen to every comment or conversation happening online across the globe on any topic. Just feed in your topic of interest and listen to who is saying what. This gives you a sense of the kind of people looking for your service/product. This brings to light the people who are interested in your industry. You even find out the experts/advocates/influencers from your industry. 

Better Insights for your Business Functions

Invest in a quality social media analytics tool and monitor every possible metric on one dashboard. What does that do? It helps you make data-driven decisions for each function within your business. Identify which content works best for your audience members. What are the common complaints? Which are the most frequently asked questions about your product/service? What more needs to be done? 

And the metrics do not stop at that. You get to compare your performance across social channels with that of your competitors. Keep an eye on how well you are doing against your competitors. Get personalized reports and suggestions to help improve your performance going forward. 

Save Time and Money 

Most importantly, social media analytics helps small businesses save the two most valuable resources – time and money. You get quick updates/alerts about every comment/mention made mentioning your business online. You also have access to automated engagement features and an easy-to-use dashboard to help you understand and respond to your audience. 

Intrigued? We don’t blame you. The tool comes with a whole array of essential features to make anyone want to try using it for their business. To help put your inquisitive mind to rest, we are inviting you to take Auris for a trial run and realize the power of social media analytics for yourself.