Empower my brand
Empower my brand

In the perfect world, every customer conversation would be dealt with instantly and by the right person within the brand’s operations team. The reality for most brands? This “best practice” is impractical. Enterprise brands see a high conversation volume which makes monitoring and addressing each conversation a challenge. Prioritization of conversations is therefore important.

Influencer alerts are one way to prioritize. Simply put, such alerts notify the right people within the brand or operations teams as soon as an influential person mentions the brand. This ‘as-it-happens’ alert helps prioritize and get the right response out within minutes of the mention.

Besides prioritization, brands using influencer alerts can achieve two important things:

  1. Reduce the risk of crises driven by negative mentions by influencers.
  2. Leverage influencer mentions to the brand’s advantage.

Burger King used influencer mentions to their advantage effectively. By monitoring influencer mentions, the brand could respond to Kanye’s famous tweet about McDonald’s in a quirky fashion within less than 3 minutes. The result? Millions of reactions to their three-word response! Imagine the significant reach and uplift in the brand’s recall metrics this simple action of the brand would have achieved. Would this be possible had they not monitored influencers effectively?

Burger King Kanye West tweet

Numerous such examples exist where brands have either averted crisis using influencer monitoring or used influencer mentions to their advantage.

How does Auris enable Influencer Alerts?

It takes all of 2 minutes to set up influencer alerts on Auris. The steps involved are:

Auris settings worklows

  • Step 2: Click on the button which says, “Create Workflows”

create workflows on Auris

  • Step 3: Choose the trigger for influencer alerts. For example, any influencer mention with an influencer score of >50 should alert the Agency head as well as the CMO of the brand. You can use multiple variations while creating such rules.

setup rules influencer score

action on Auris workflows

Watch this video to see how easy it is to set up influencer alerts.

As you go through the setup you would realize that you can make more complex or nuanced influencer alerts using rules. For example, you can create an alert for any influencer mention which carries a negative sentiment or if the influencer uses a specific word or phrase. These variations come in handy while monitoring influencer mentions of brand campaigns or when you have different brand custodians for different regions.

Use influencer alerts to avert crises or grab onto “viral” opportunities

By setting up a variety of rules and corresponding actions, brands can monitor and act on influencer mentions in real time. Positive influencer mentions present “viral” opportunities, just like the Burger King – Kanye example. Negative influencer mentions are important to curb potential crisis. In both scenarios influencer alerts can be potentially valuable – one where a brand can get a great mileage with zero marketing spends and the other where the brand can avoid reputational loss worth millions.