Empower my brand
Empower my brand

A study points out that consumers are 71% more likely to buy from a brand if it comes recommended by a social connection. Word-of-mouth advocacy and customer reviews on social media have a considerable impact on consumers’ choice of a brand.

Who amongst your followers is an advocate? Who is an influencer?

Your brand would typically be engaging with three types of followers – fans, advocates and influencers.

A majority of your followers would comprise of fans who passively support your brand. Advocates are those who go the extra mile to talk about your brand, their positive experiences with your brand and openly vouch for it. These advocates are precious assets who speak on your behalf and are the real brand ambassadors rooting for you.

brand influencers

Influencers are those who are considered to be knowledgeable and discerning when it comes to your category. Their opinion counts a lot more than others’. Typically, they are followed by a large number of people. Any word from them could have a considerable influence on their fans. When they recommend your brand, you might see a sudden peak in conversions but the cost involved in collaborating is also as high.

The short answer to the question posed at the outset, is that the one amongst your followers who speaks consistently and favorably for your brand is an advocate. The one whose opinion matters more than that of others is an influencer.

How do you identify them?

Auris helps you identify all conversations around your brand and helps you zero in on those who have been engaging with your brand and talking about it positively. Imagine the value of a physician, who consistently speaks about a medical equipment brand because of his/her belief in the brand, for that brand. Auris can help you identify all such advocates for your brand.

Auris also helps you define the advocate’s influence score. Now you can zero in on those advocates who have a higher influence on digital channels. By engaging with such influential advocates, you could add more power to your brand!

See how Auris’ Command Center shows a list of recent influencers who have engaged with your brand. Click on these profile pictures and gain access to your potential pool of influential brand advocates!

Tracking advocacy campaigns

Advocacy campaigns are in vogue. Auris helps by identifying those who are influential and are advocates of your brand, of their own volition. Imagine if you decide to formally engage such advocates and run an advocacy campaign. Auris allows you to follow these advocates and measure their effort and contribution to your brand.

Tracking an advocacy campaign can help effectively execute an incentive-based program. Using advocate monitoring you could be very objective and transparent in running such campaigns.

Running advocacy campaigns boosts organic reach and eventually leads to improved conversions. Auris makes it easy for a brand to integrate and implement inbound marketing strategies by helping you identify, engage and track advocates and in running performance-based advocacy programs.