Empower my brand
Empower my brand

Consider your social media response team as a personal disaster management team for your business. This team manages the control center for your business by monitoring your brand mentions in real-time. These are the first responders to any online crisis moment that might come your way. They are also at the forefront of online customer engagement. A strong social media response team ensures you build strong customer relationships. 

Social Media Response Team

Why do you Need a Star Social Media Response Team?

If you have a dedicated team taking care of your social media you already must be aware of the effectiveness of such a war room set up. This team is great for most of your marketing activities be it:

  • New product launch
  • Customer Engagement via live sessions
  • Crisis management in real-time or
  • Online Branding 

Building a team of people who then build your brand‘s image online needs much deliberation. You need to consider facts like skills, your current situation, and needs, the budget et cetera. 

People you need on the Team

One of the many questions marketers ponder upon is what the ideal size of their brand’s social media response team should be. There is no right answer to this. It mainly depends on how your people are delegating, your goals, your hiring budget, and a few other factors. A survey was recently conducted by Ragan and NASDAQ covering over  2000  respondents from various organizations and found that most of these organizations report having 3 people working in their social media response team. 


You need a leader in your team who drives the action plan, strategizes the campaign et cetera. This person is the hub of all the planning and activities. He/She also manages the overall social media marketing process starting from planning to deliberating to measuring the ROI of the campaigns. 

Content Creator

The next important person on your team is the content creator. This is your copywriter or graphic designer and they are on the team to help produce content that can go viral. Their input shows the most when brainstorming content ideas. 

Analytics Specialist

This person is equally important as the ringleader or the content creator. He/she would be able to help you with the numbers. The leader and content creator both work in tandem with the analytics person. Now, in the modern-day, this role has been perfected in the form of AI tools. 

Social Listening Tools help you Build a Strong Social Media Team

Like we mentioned in the previous section, AI tools like social listening can help a great deal. And this isn’t a surprise. Social media listening automatically does half the job when it comes to monitoring and analyzing the audience’s reactions. 

  • It helps the leader and the analytics person while providing them with data based on real-time mentions. You can place filters and explore every detail about what your audience thinks. It gives you an elaborate picture of your online performance and the exact pain points too. 
  • Social listening also helps with content curation. Knowing your audience in & out lets you leverage the information on what they like, their interests, and what they want to know. Social listening to the online conversation allows you to face the common concerns amongst your audience members. Answering or addressing these questions/topics can also offer great content ideas. You could choose to create multiple resources and promote them. It can be a blog post, an infograph, video tutorial, or even a webinar. You can know more about how social listening helps in content marketing here

Building an effective social media response team can be tough but not with the support of automation. With social listening, you are performing half of your marketing activities automatically like market research, real-time customer feedback, influencer outreach et cetera. In addition, you are also helping your social media support team with insights about the target market.