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When the Covid-19 pandemic hit countries across the world, most of us thought it was to be a matter of a few weeks perhaps. Most of us weren’t too happy about being locked up in our houses and this was especially the case with movie-goers and foodies. In recent months, however, most countries have decided to open up movie theaters for the public. While the move has been cheered by all, we looked at how the real movie enthusiasts are feeling about movie theaters reopening?

How are Movie Enthusiasts Feeling about Movie Theaters Reopening

Insights from Social Conversations around Movie theaters Reopening

Most people love going to movie theaters but not all go for the movie. Some may call themselves movie buffs, while others simply enjoy the whole experience. Listening to social data at this time allows us to understand what these people are talking about regarding movie theaters reopening. Most people like going to a movie with friends, family, or even solo. But movie buffs have a soft corner for the experience of going to the cinema. Netflix, Amazon, and others may home deliver content that you like. But they get nowhere close to the experience of watching a movie at the cinema. Naturally, the reopening of cinemas has been the latest buzz amongst movie lovers. 

While tracking the data around these topics the most common keywords being used by the public were:

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The general sentiment shows that common people aren’t unhappy with the move. They are just a bit wary about going back to the cinemas yet. Movie lovers, on the other hand, are cheery about theaters opening their gates after a long hiatus. There are many reasons why movie buffs want to go back to the theaters. 

  • For one, they miss the movie experience that cinemas offer. The giant screen, the robust surround sound system, and the right illusions create a memorable experience every time. 
  • Add to that the undisturbed viewing experience and the fancy refreshments that one gets at the cinemas. 

Naturally, positive talk about theaters reopening is more from movie buffs as compared to others.

What Does Social Listening Data Reveal?

Movie buffs are super excited to go back to the theaters. But they aren’t oblivious to the safety concerns. People have concerns about the safety protocols theaters are about to enforce. The most common conversation around this include concerns about:

  • Proper sanitization of all public areas within the theater. 
  • The use of masks and other safety equipment by moviegoers and staff members. 
  • Provisions to maintain a safe distance between patrons to prevent the spread of disease.

Social listening data also reveals a trend that movie buffs are more interested in. There has been a surge in the comments around the concept of retro-style drive-in theaters. This is less of a safety threat in the current situation.

According to the data, movie lovers are interested in finding out how theaters respond to their concerns. They are constantly watching out for updated information on the official website of various theaters. In such a situation, theater managers need to understand how movie enthusiasts are feeling about movie theaters reopening and react accordingly. Movie lovers may be ready to go back to their favorite fun activity but not without proper safety measures.