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Attention, game developers! Your industry is expected to grow and double in revenue in the next couple of years. Fortnite, League of Legends, Minecraft are some of the greatest names every gamer is discussing. And it does not stop at that. The gaming community is active online. They are discussing and expressing opinions about gaming consoles etc. round the clock. In 2018, the video-gaming industry was estimated to be worth more than $130 billion. That’s right, they were bigger than the NFL and NBA’s combined revenue. By 2025, it is estimated that the revenue for the gaming industry will cross $300 billion. So here we are, after social listening to the online gaming community and drawing a few insights.

Social listening to the online gaming community

Who is a part of the Online Gaming Community?

The gaming community entertains people of almost all age groups and in vast numbers. The highest number of gamers are from the age range of 21-35 and they are a majority only by a narrow margin. Gamers of age group 36-50 and 10-20 follow right behind them.

The growing Gen Z community of online gamers promises a bright future for this industry. According to Pew Research, 90% of teenagers play some form of video games either on their gaming console, computer, or cellphone.

Social Listening to the Opinions & Needs of the Online Gaming Community

To help you get a better understanding of the online gaming industry, let’s look at some of the details like:

Which Platform are People Talking on about Gaming?

With the online gaming community in action, most of their discussions and streaming is online too. While Social listening to these conversations online, we noticed some trends. The maximum conversations take place on Youtube, followed by Twitter. More than 50% of these conversations happen on youtube via live gaming streams et cetera.

According to estimates by Goldman Sachs, the Youtube and Twitter gaming audience is huge. It is larger than the combined audience of Netflix, HBO, and ESPN. Twitch is another platform which has joined the league of popular game-streaming

Which are the Top Games and Gears?

The three games with the largest number of online mentions were Fortnite, Rainbow Six Siege, and Overwatch. Fortnite was mentioned a total of 77.57% times and has over 250 million players. Rainbow Six Siege has over 45 million players and earns a revenue of over $35 million. Overwatch is close behind with 40 million players.

While talking about their favorite games, users also talk about their favorite gaming gears. While some gamers love the traditional feel of keyboards and mouse clicks, some gamers go all in. They have invested in special headsets, keyboards, mouse, gaming chairs to get the whole feel right. Players use high-quality headsets to get a more immersive 3D-like experience of the game. When it comes to the gaming set-ups, players seem to prefer Razer, Micro-star international, Asus, Alienware, and Acer in that order.

Trivia Insights for Asus

Asus had seen a boom in mentions in relation to their brand name being used with Fortnite. Perhaps their promotions contributed to this. Asus gave away Fortnite currency with the purchase of their laptops. However, the partnership between the two gained quite some attention within the gaming community. Asus could start looking into similar collaborations for their future campaigns too.

These were some of the very obvious insights we could draw. Social listening helps industries drill down even further into the most minute details. Industry-specific insights are from specific niches but the vast sample size makes it accurate. Time you took Auris on a trial run of your own to discover some industry-specific insights.