Empower my brand
Empower my brand

Almost all of us are under lockdown in our homes trying to adjust to a new work routine and working to identify and adopt some best practices for our businesses. Amidst all this, there are a few brands whose marketing efforts are making the top story. With retail stores closed and not many options left for traditional marketing, brands have been getting creative with their marketing using social media and the digital space available for free. Marketing during the coronavirus pandemic has boomed and has become more innovative. If you are a brand, looking for inspiration, here are a few examples of some brands that have been excelling at marketing communication online. 

Marketing Communication during Coronavirus

Marketing Communication at its Best

If you have made no headway in thinking of how and what to communicate during these sensitive times, Cause Marketing is a good place to start. Talking about bettering society or offering any help or a positive message via your social handle counts as a responsible move. To say the least, it benefits your brand’s reputation and improves your customer’s trust and loyalty. 

Some brands have already had a head start but it’s not too late for you to join the club. 

The Shedd Aquarium at Chicago

Under the circumstances, the aquarium had to close its doors to the general public. But the animal caregivers had to ensure that the routines for their other friends remained as normal as possible. They let Edward and Annie, a pair of rockhopper penguins, take a stroll as part of an exercise routine. Shedd’s social media team captured their walk and shared it online for fans. 

shedd aquarium

Why is this brand’s story relatable? You might be limited in the number of options available for marketing, but you can always get creative. You may not be able to advertise on a billboard right now, but even your audience is stuck at home with limited resources. They’ll be happy to swap the opportunity of an actual visit to the aquarium with videos of something equally entertaining. 

Tito’s Vodka

We all have come across fake news or misinformation across social media platforms some of which have spread faster than the virus itself, during this pandemic. Tito’s Vodka noticed a farce that was doing the rounds when social listening to the news around their industry and brand. The fake news doing the rounds was that vodka is a perfect substitute for hand sanitizers. Tito’s Vodka was quick to respond and they did it the right way. They published an official statement that their vodka wouldn’t help sanitize properly but they would now work with their distilleries to produce FDA-approved hand sanitizers for the coming weeks. What started out as a daily routine of brand monitoring turned out to be an opportunity in joining the fight against the virus. This has also helped them win the hearts of their audiences. 

Marketing Communication for a Cause

We have these distinct examples of how some brands have adapted and come up with new marketing strategies. There are lots of examples right now. Brands are making an effort not just to build relationships but also to inspire others. There are brands like Target and Walmart that have given raises to their employees for serving during these trying times. 

Target News


Ford has joined hands with 3M and GE Healthcare to help fight COVID-19. Their partnership is called “Project Apollo”. They have pledged to produce equipment to help first responders and essential workers. 

Ford for COVID19

Once this was published, their efforts did not go unnoticed and people started talking about them. Listening to the chatter actively, Ford also responded to its audiences, to deepen the bond further. 

There are others like LVHM who donated $2.2 million dollars to the Red Cross society. Louis Vuitton launched a marketing campaign called “Love has no fear” showcasing Chinese influencers. This was to fight the rising discrimination against Asians amidst the pandemic. The videos generated 4.2 billion views every week. 

The stories do not stop here. It is now more than ever that brands need to make their customers feel appreciated. This is the right time to build an emotional bond with your customers. Customers with an emotional bond with brands have a 306% higher lifetime value. The rate of positive brand recommendations from such loyal customers stands at 71% which is way higher than the average. Hopefully, these examples have inspired you, and if you still face a hard time deciding what to start talking about, Auris can definitely help!