Empower my brand
Empower my brand

What makes for an impactful social media or digital marketing campaign? One which makes audience members feel they can relate to the content. A lot of effort and research goes into the making of one such seemingly simple campaign. Modern times have seen marketers take the help of data and social media analytics to improve their digital marketing campaigns. Why waste money over ineffective strategies when you can tap into the goldmine of data to improve your digital marketing campaigns?

Improve your Digital Marketing Campaigns

How can Social Media Analytics help Improve your Digital Marketing Campaigns?

Here are some of the best ways to use social media analytics for your brand’s digital marketing strategies. 

1. Track your Goals and Brand’s Performance 

Before you start implementing your marketing campaign strategy, you need to formulate personal goals. These could be in the form of KPIs you want to track to better understand your current performance. When you have an idea of your current position, you’ll be able to track the changes after running the campaign. Checking your brand’s current performance also helps you identify areas you want to improve in your campaign. Say your brand’s engagement rate is low. You will know that you need to design content for your campaign in a way that invites the customer to engage. 

2. Understand your Audience

Promoting your brand mindlessly will not do you any good. You need your target audience to relate to your story. And to be a good storyteller, you need to have an idea about the target audience. Who are they? What interests them? And what do they want to know? Social media analytics helps you track the minutest demographic details. Starting from the age group following your content to the geographical location which brings you the most traffic. Use the data to make your customer feel valued. Base your campaigns around the insights drawn. 

3. Find the Best Platform

Different businesses have different target audiences to cater to. Hence, they need different platforms for their campaigns to succeed. A B2B marketing agency is more likely to run a successful campaign on LinkedIn than on Snapchat. Again, Snapchat and Instagram are good options if your target audience is the millennials or Gen Z members. To understand which platforms work the best for you, run a test. Use social media analytics tools to study all the traffic and engagement coming in from your profiles on different platforms. The one sending you the most engagement and leads is the best for you. You can use google analytics to measure the performance of your profiles on different platforms. Or you can even use a social media analytics tool that brings each insight on the same dashboard and more. 

4. Identify your Valuable Customers / Advocates

An age-old marketing technique and perhaps the best one is the word-of-mouth marketing technique. This is especially critical now because the modern generation of buyers rely heavily on reviews from their friends, family, and social media micro-influencers. And chances are your brand has its own fan-following, a group of influencers so to say who like your product or service. How do you find them? How do you get their testimonials seen by the world to make more people purchase from you? Social media analytics tools are the answer! Tools like Auris help you to track every brand-mention whether positive or negative. When you track your positive mentions, you know who likes you and why. These are your advocates. Use their testimonials, collaborate with them, and use their user-generated content. This way you are harnessing the power of one of the greatest marketing tools and also making your customer feel valued. 

5. Real-Time Customer Feedback

Finally, the feature that social media analytics manages the best – real-time customer feedback. Social media is a hub where everyone is talking and expressing opinions. How do you tap into the vast abundance of data to see how you can improve your service/product? Social media analytics does the same for you. Every mention, including the tone used, is analyzed to tell you what your customer expects from you. You have readily available actionable insights at your fingertips. 

To sum it all up, data is king and you know it. Accurate data can help you with every aspect of your business. Hopefully, this guide helps you realize the same. Good luck with improving your digital marketing campaigns.