Empower my brand
Empower my brand

Have you fallen prey to unproductive SEO or shared content on social media that sees no engagement? The landscapes of search engines and the algorithms used by social media platforms keep adapting. You may find it difficult to effectively increase your reach without using the necessary keywords. Marketers today are vying with their competitors over high volume keywords as each of them is trying to rank for them. What people often miss is that your audience members are human beings. When they are looking for real results, they often use long-tail keywords. With proper social media analytics tools, you get to know your audience well. This includes knowing which keywords your audience is looking for. 

Know your audience with social media analytics

How Social Media helps in Knowing your Audience?

Tracking keywords and trends is only a part of knowing your audience members. Social media analytics helps you on many fronts like:

  • Engaging your audience.
  • Building customer relationships
  • Creating content for campaigns
  • Identifying brand advocates

Social media analytics takes unstructured data from all your social platforms and analyzes it. The result presented to you helps you deliver better results. Let’s look at the breakdown. 

Better Engagement with Target Audience

Sometimes businesses find it difficult to keep up with the immense volume of mentions and comments. Responding to comments and messages forms a key part of your social media marketing strategy. Over 37% of consumers online expect brands to respond within 30 minutes. Moreover, if you do not respond to negative feedback online quickly enough, it can cause some damage to your reputation. 

Social listening or monitoring helps you respond to these discussions as quickly as possible. You can enter the discussion to make helpful suggestions and maybe promote your product subtly. Social media analytics helps you identify the topics which draw the most traffic and attention. Engage with the discussion happening around such keywords from your industry. 

Building Better Customer Relationships

This follows from the previous step. The minute you start engaging and joining the conversation you begin building relationships. Social media analytics helps you do it better. It informs you of sensitive information, the overall sentiment around a keyword, and the top trending hashtags and keywords. When you know your audience’s demographic in such minute detail, it becomes easier for you to engage with them and to build trust. 

Content Creation

With social media analytics, there are more than a few ways to develop content that resonates well with your audience. Studying the trending hashtags and keywords from your dashboards is just one of them. Social media analytics helps you study your competitor’s progress, draw inspiration from their content. Keep track of your industry trends and news. When you know what’s selling within your community you will know how to build around the topic. This is crucial for fast-paced industries like technology where things change fast. And content marketing is one of the most effective marketing tools for such industries. 

Identifying Brand Advocates

Identifying and interacting with your top fans is the best way to ensure the spread of positive word-of-mouth. There is an easy way to reach out to them. Social media analytics help you identify and keep track of your most valued customers. Social listening tools help you filter out your top brand advocates using influence scores. Once you have identified your top fans, you can include them in your marketing efforts. 

As social media participation continues to grow, so does social media analytics. These tools are evolving each day with the advancement of Artificial intelligence. Knowing your address becomes manageable with social media analytics. One of the many reasons for this is the automation of most of the tedious tasks.