Empower my brand
Empower my brand

Social listening for agencies is a tough nut to crack. For an agency, a lot is at stake – the client’s reputation, their own reputation, and their need to attract more business through showcasing their performance. This is why they need a powerful tool with the capacity to provide the most accurate and in-depth consumer insights from the industry. Agencies need to cater to specific customer needs by personalizing dashboard results and reports to suit them. Imagine the ability to achieve all this, and also being backed by a 24×7 support team to assist with the social listening process. That would make any social listening tool a perfect accessory for an agency.

Social Listening for Agencies

Social Listening for Agencies

Save Time while drawing Insights

Seeking growth for their own business and their clients, agencies are highly focused on improving the marketing strategy as a whole. This would include monitoring many things like social mentions, brand image, online reputation, sentiment analysis, crisis management, customer acquisition, identifying influencers et cetera. Performing all these activities across multiple accounts is not an easy task without a suitable tool. The process is time taking and time is a scarce resource for agencies, which is why a tool can help them save their time while improving their efficiency.

Real-time Notifications

Practically, real-time notifications are probably the best and most important feature for an agency, offered by a social listening tool. Working at an agency would require regular travel, attending meetings, events and so on. This makes it easy to miss out on important messages online. But, it isn’t an option when the agency has customers who trust them with their online reputation. Social listening tools have learned to adapt to this need and many applications allow mobile notifications when someone is on the move. When some notifications need urgent attention, they can be shared with teammates or escalated to the superiors at work.

Additional Insights with a Social Listening Tool

When the agency is trying to win new clients, they can win brownie points by actually putting forth insights using a social listening tool. This would set them apart from their competitors who may only present vague points and assumptions about their target audience and their thoughts and behaviors. Apart from handling the usual brand reputation aspects, sentiment analysis and monitoring brand mentions for their clients, agencies could offer to help them with competitor analysis. A social listening tool would help the agency to monitor the positioning and strategy of their client’s competitors, and access even their social media performance report without putting in any extra effort. Social media listening tools have inbuilt commands to track competitor activities, which can be activated in no time at all.

Diversify Services

Social listening for agencies is a powerful concept in itself. Agencies can use social listening tools in a number of ways apart from the regular monitoring of their client brands. When a customer plans a digital campaign or an event, the tool can track its performance. Social listening helps you track mentions for events and specific campaigns. It can offer a summary of the social media results, mentions on owned media and consecutive engagement, mentions on earned media and so on. A comprehensive performance report would include insights into how their competitors performed during the same duration.

Social listening for agencies offers a master platform for all their accounts and reviews their own performance as consultants as well, making it a time-saving and efficient investment indeed.