Empower my brand
Empower my brand

Marketing activities in 2021 have reached a new level. Yes, we are talking about marketing automation. Most marketers can vouch for the way marketing automation tools smoothen out the process flow of daily marketing activities. But if you’ve been busy doing the same activities manually, you probably did not get a chance to experience it yourself. In that case, this is the right place to start. 

Marketing automation

What is Marketing Automation?

As the name suggests, marketing automation involves using software to automate the repetitive tasks of daily marketing activities. 

One very popular example would be automating social media posting. Most marketers do not have the time to plan, design, and upload a social media post daily. However, it is a task that needs to be done. Social media automation tools allow you to upload all your designs and schedule them for particular dates and times in the future. Once you’ve done this, the tool keeps uploading without any intervention required. 

What Can Marketing Automation Tools Do?

Marketing automation is being hailed as one of the next big things and for good reason. The marketing automation industry is expected to unlock a capitalization of over $6.4 B by 2024. So what can the tool help with? 

  • Automation tools can deliver specific needs based on whether yours is a B2B or a B2C  brand
  • It helps you with better targeting
  • It helps you nurture leads and then convert them
  • Overall it helps you save precious time and do the work efficiently
  • Improves your marketing ROI

How to Find the Right Marketing Automation Tool? 

There were more than 7000 marketing automation tools in 2019. We can only guess the number for 2021. Among all these tools, finding the one your brand can benefit from could become quite a gamble. But here’s a checklist that can help you narrow down your search. 

Your Needs

The first thing to consider is simple. What are your needs? Are you looking for a tool that can help you manage marketing activities? Or are you looking for one that could help you auto-respond to comments and mentions? 

There are multiple tools automating multiple marketing functions. Some examples include Auris, Hubspot, MailChimp, etc. 

Your Budget

Your budget also plays a role when it comes to selecting the right tool for you. Generally, there are multiple tools providing similar solutions and services. And each has a different package. Auris, for example, provides a free trial version, a package for a small business all the way to a package suited for an enterprise. 

And most marketing automation brands follow a similar pricing strategy. Most of them offer a free trial version. So if you’re unsure about making the investment, you can always ask for a demo before taking a call.

User Experience

With software tools such as these, the user experience counts. A tool that isn’t easy to use and understand is only going to make your task even more complex. The interface should be easy to understand even for a person with no experience in using such tools. 

Apart from the interface, customer support matters too. If you’re using a new tool, you’ll most likely have questions. Or you might need some assistance to set it up. Having a readily available customer support team makes it easier for you and your team. 


Like we mentioned earlier, choosing an automation tool depends on your needs. While this is one of the most important things to consider, it helps to keep an open mind. Say you want to automate your social media posting regimen. Tool A charges you $15 per month and automates the posting process for up to 50 posts. Tool B charges you $18 per month but automates the process for an unlimited no. of posts. Additionally, tool B also offers to automate message responses. Which do you think would be a smarter investment? 

Tools that help you with your core problem are great. But it doesn’t hurt to receive extra features at the same price range! Some tools allow you to integrate with multiple platforms. This too counts as a welcome feature. 

Marketing automation tools have been helping business owners find the right market segment to find the right influencer! A little research is a minimal investment that can help you scale your marketing efforts.