Empower my brand
Empower my brand

In our last analysis we showed how the perceptions and responses of Ontarians were changing over the past few weeks, as seen from the lens of the PC Party.

Here’s our latest analysis and we see some dramatic shifts happening at the ground level (and as it manifests in the buzz online).

The summary thus far:

The buzz shows that the NDP and PC Party are head-on-head, with the latter leading in terms of positive buzz.

  • Liberals are lagging behind the NDP and PC Party. This is a significant change versus a week ago.
  • Regions such as Burlington, Brampton, Dufferin—Caledon, Durham, Niagara, Mississauga, Glengarry—Prescott—Russell, Newmarket—Aurora, Oakville, Ottawa, Pickering, Renfrew and Sudbury are learning towards PC Party
  • Several ridings with undecided voters
  • Lack of a fully costed out budget, “beer for a buck” campaign have not worked for PC Party
  • Perceptions of PC Party being anti-gay, anti-poor and anti-immigrant has led voters towards alternatives, primarily NDP.
  • A well thought out plan, perception of being focussed on healthcare, pro-social expenditure and pro-climate change helping NDP.
  • Perception that NDP is “communist” and will worsen the debt crisis is a drag on NDP’s momentum.

Here are the latest trends by riding. The missing ridings are those where we did not see much chatter.