Empower my brand
Empower my brand

For any brand, it is important to adopt the right marketing techniques for business growth and expansion. Business owners are sometimes confused by the changes in marketing strategies and the introduction of new and improved marketing techniques. But it is important to be effective in our actions. One such effective technique is email marketing. Email marketing has been a part and parcel of online marketing for many years, and yet new features/tools keep getting added on. One such recent integration has been that of social media monitoring for email marketing.

Social Media Monitoring For Email Marketing Campaigns

Why is Email Marketing Important for Businesses?

Email marketing, done right, can produce effective results, especially now with the integration of social media. However, many are unaware of how email marketing can be an effective marketing tool. The following is a list of benefits for marketers and brands:

 Large Audience Base

Social media may have gained importance in the present times, but there is no denying the importance of emails. Email users are growing by the day and the present count stands at several billion. Surely not a number that you can ignore! Moreover, many users prefer to receive an offer or update via email. Believe it or not, this trend isn’t going away any time soon.

Targeted Marketing

It is possible to customize emails sent to potential customers. User engagement, demographics, preferences, choices, past purchase history, etc. are some determinants. This helps deliver the right content to the right audience. Moreover, personalized emails can add a whole new dimension to your marketing campaign.

Better Engagement

Believe it or not, people are more likely to engage with an email that they have opted to receive. Engagement can come in the form of replies, forwards, saves, clicks through an embedded link, sign ups, purchases, etc. All these actions are quite natural to emails and that’s where businesses can benefit. An email with useful content, interesting offers, and embedded social media options can achieve fantastic engagement from your targeted customers.


Of the many marketing techniques used today, email marketing is one of the cheapest. Sending emails to your targeted customers takes less than a cent. Some email marketing software even allows free emails to a few hundred people on your list. Naturally, spend is relatively quite low with email marketing.

How can Social Media Monitoring for Email Marketing Help?

Integrating social media with email marketing is easy. A number of advanced social media monitoring tools are available for marketers. This makes it easier for businesses to analyze the benefits of including social media in email marketing. 

  • These tools help businesses understand what type of content or offers attract people on their mailing list the most. 
  • They give a thorough rundown of the various social media metrics related to email marketing campaigns. 
  • Businesses can use this data to create email marketing campaigns that will convert leads to revenue.
  • With social media monitoring tools, marketers can track industry keywords and trends. This information helps in creating personalized mailers that promise to receive more opens. 

Email marketing is nowhere close to dead. The nature of email marketing has changed over time. It is no longer about spam messages or push selling. Over time, email marketing has evolved. Marketers and businesses use it to deliver content and incentives that their audience likes. With the integration of social media monitoring for email marketing, marketers and businesses can deliver a more personalized experience right into a lead’s e-mail box!