Empower my brand
Empower my brand

People tend to link the term automation with major industries and big businesses. However, in the modern scenario, every business needs automation, small businesses more than anyone else. As a solo entrepreneur or startup founder with limited team members, you can’t expect to be doing everything manually. Moreover, building a business needs you to think strategically and plan for future growth. You can automate the data analysis and customer acquisition bit. Here’s why marketing automation is critical for your business and how to get started. 

Is Marketing Automation Critical to your Brand's Success

Why is Marketing Automation Critical for Your Brand’s Success?

Every marketer wishes to increase the effectiveness of their marketing efforts. Automation is a smart way of doing it. Here’s how marketing automation can benefit your business operations. 

1. Quality Leads 

Any business needs a constant supply of quality leads. Everyone knows quality leads can only be attracted by targeting the right people. Targeting the right people requires studying consumer behavior, their interests, buying patterns, etc. 

Marketing automation tools help you to gather such information and analyze data points like customer sentiment, buying patterns, etc. 

2. Time Efficiency 

It is quite evident from the previous bit that market research and implementation of the strategy is a time-consuming process. For a business owner time is money! Automating repetitive and mundane marketing activities like social media posting, media monitoring, etc can save a lot of time. 

3. Improved ROI

Marketing automation tools like social listening have really made it easier for modern marketers to forge relationships. Listening to chatter online helps you gauge public sentiments, user behavior, and more. This allows you to reach out to the right people with personalized content and to nurture a strong bond. 

4. Happy Customers 

Marketing automation tools help you listen to online conversations around your brand keywords. This in turn helps you understand your customers. Armed with such information you are better able to serve them. Happy customers are your brand advocates. Positive word-of-mouth from them will bring in more business. 

Top 3 Marketing Automation Tools for Any Business

Picking the right automation tool for your business is as important as any other part of the process. Here are the 3 most useful automation tools which allow you to streamline most of your marketing activities. 

1. Social Listening 

Market research and social media marketing are essential for any business trying to grow. But tracking information on social media is an impossible task given that over 69444 million posts are uploaded every minute on Instagram alone. 

Against such a scenario, automation tools like Auris can help you take care of multiple marketing tasks like:

2. Video Marketing 

Video marketing is one of the hottest marketing trends in recent years. Surprisingly, only a few brands are utilizing it to its full potential. Perhaps it is because of the tedious creation process. However, it doesn’t have to be difficult for your brand. Video marketing automation tools help you render a video within seconds. 

Everything is automated from data-backed research to pre-made video templates. Simply put in your logo, content and click publish!

3. Sales, CRM, and Email Marketing

With advanced analytics come advanced sales and CRM tools. These tools help you reach out to leads via SMS marketing, email marketing, etc. The dashboard allows you to manage massive lists of leads and broadcast to them. 

Marketing automation tools have become a savior for most businesses. Targeting, and segmenting the right kind of audience manually has always been a puzzle. The process doesn’t end there. Your leads still have to receive the right content, the right offer, and then convert. With first-hand statistics and data from social media, the process becomes much more efficient. If you don’t believe us, give Auris a try!