Empower my brand
Empower my brand

All marketers obsess over online reviews and customer feedback because they provide insights that are great for making informed decisions. How so? Actionable business insights come to light when you pay close attention to the needs and complaints of the people you are doing business with or looking to serve. These are your customers – your key stakeholders. And not all of them will willingly write to you on your official mail address. Some of them could be active on social media posting their experience with you as a comment on an influencer’s blog post.

Business Insights from Feedback Reviews

If you are ready to take action but need help understanding where and how to start, here’s where you can start. Read on. 

Why Do Business Insights Matter?

When you pay close attention to raw data, you tend to find patterns and insights that can help you take meaningful action. These are the result of data analytics and when presented in a more organized form, they can help you contextualize. When you know that your recent marketing campaign is gathering positive sentiment and buzz, you can delve deeper into it and learn more about what exactly the audience likes. Your future campaigns can benefit from such knowledge. 

All executive decisions should be data-driven. In fact, most progressive brands do actually depend on social media analytics tools. Forrester reports that 74% of brands say they want to be data-driven. However, 29% are actually reaping the actual benefits of analytics. 

Step 1: Deciding Factors

What aspect of your business impacts your customers the most? This is one of the most important deciding factors. Ask a simple question, what makes my customers happy? Data analytics is vast as a field of research. You have to narrow down to the factors that matter the most to you. When you are social listening to online reviews and make sense of it, do you want to know which location is offering the best service? Which of your products are making customers the most happy? Keep asking such questions.

Step 2: Start Monitoring 

Now you know your target questions. The questions you need answered. Start tracking the data online. Social media monitoring allows you to track all media mentions. Simply set up your brand name as a tag or any other keyword which you would like to track. Say, you set up the tool to follow your brand mentions. It gathers quite a few online reviews and alerts you in real-time about it. 

Step 3: Analyzing the Data

You started tracking, the data is in. Now, let the social listening tool do the work. You wanted to know which store was performing well, or which sales representative is the most efficient? AI accumulates all the data and now allows you to zero in on these details. There are sentiment charts, trending keywords, top influencers et cetera all displayed pictorially on your dashboard. You can dive deeper into your chosen metric. For instance, your store on ABC street is associated with the most positive reviews. You now know who your top-performing employees are. 

Nothing too complex, right? Feedback reviews are truly a goldmine for any brand that’s carefully listening and wants to draw actionable business insights. Right from helping you with big strategic decisions to alerting you about your online reputation crisis moments – it is one-stop for all solutions! If you are wondering which tool to start with, take Auris for a ride.