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Empower my brand

The Internet is full of review sites, especially so for the hospitality sector. Online review sites are such a rage because they empower consumers to feel that they can speak up about their experiences and that their voice is being heard. According to a report, 33% of people put up reviews either when the service was extremely good or extremely bad. Social listening to restaurant reviews helps you understand your customers. And in the hospitality industry, providing a positive, if not memorable, customer experience is critical to your survival.

Restaurant Reviews

Social Listening to Restaurant Reviews helps improve CX

The real asset that any restaurant chain has is its loyal, repeat customer base. The walk-ins and dine-ins grow with positive word of mouth. So what really drives this loyalty and advocacy? Quality food, a great ambiance, and overall memorable customer experience are what will keep your tables filled. In the age of digital technology, with platforms like Zomato, Yelp, Dine, Zagat, and Trip Advisor, a restaurant simply cannot shy away from reviews. In the case of a restaurant chain, online brand reputation is vital to maintain your business’ health.

Social listening to Restaurant Review

You might be checking with your customers if they enjoyed the experience when seeing them off. Some restaurants go a step forward and actually ask for reviews and comments on a paper. But this isn’t 1990. Customers do express their feedback online, which is publicly available. These ratings and reviews keep accumulating over time and show up prominently when potential consumers search for your restaurant.

Hundreds of reviews of great experience drive new consumers to walk in and try your restaurant. Poor overall ratings act as a barrier. Which is what makes real-time feedback so important. It is impossible for you to read a customer’s mind and know what is bothering them. Which is why asking for reviews and actively using social listening to follow restaurant reviews online is a must. Customers who had a bad experience with you may not tell you about it if not asked and will shift to a rival brand. The risk of losing customers is much higher if you do not take care of the standard of customer experience you provide.

Tackling Reviews and Restaurant Chains getting Troublesome?

The key to running a successful hospitality business is making your customers feel special. Personalization is one way to do so. Customer experience management will help you map their likes, dislikes, and recommendations. Work on these insights to woo your customers into becoming your loyal customers. It is important to put together both public feedback as well as feedback collected using your feedback forms and understand what impacts customer experience.

Social Listening to Restaurants

Tackling the many reviews and recommendations coming your way can become cumbersome. The problem intensifies when you own a chain of restaurants at different locations. Social media management platforms specialize in helping you here. Seeking reviews physically at all branches becomes impossible and hence listening to digital insights keenly is all the more essential. Our social listening tool Auris has been custom-made to address such issues. Viewing the performance across locations requires a central system. Auris’ dashboard presents a snapshot of customer experience across all your locations and insights on where and how to improve.

Location-based insights and keyword-based insights really help you to zero in on the minute problems your team/customers might be facing. The analysis breaks down the scenario for you effortlessly. Keywords like “Late Delivery”, “Minnesota” tell you that the delivery team at the Minnesota restaurant failed to meet expectations. Get issues resolved before your customers move to your rival brands.

It is vital to maintain your online image. When prospective customers visit you, they have expectations set based on your campaigns and marketing efforts. Managing their expectations and delivering quality experience is what will set your business apart and gain you loyal customers. An unhappy customer could cause a with just one bad review. Social listening to restaurant reviews not only helps you stay vigilant but also manages any crisis situation in time.