Empower my brand
Empower my brand

The Coronavirus Pandemic has had its effect on everything, even influencer marketing. Some of these changes are short-lived while others are here to stay. Creators and influencers have also felt the wind of change during the pandemic. Most marketers are hesitant to collaborate with influence marketers during the pandemic. Indeed, in the current situation, marketing messages can get risky. Especially if you start marketing luxury goods to a person who maybe struggling for or even lacking basic necessities. 

Influencer Marketing during COVID19

Capture Audience Attention with Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing, if done properly can really reap benefits during the lockdown. People are practically addicted to their social media accounts. Hence they will be consuming the content posted by influencers the most right now. People are also mostly staying at home. Marketers can employ the power of influencer marketing to connect with their home-bound fan base using genuine and authentic campaigns. 

Remember the shifts in influencer marketing trends we were talking about, the winds of change? Influencer marketing still works provided the brands adjust and adapt according to the shifts. The pandemic has led people to change their purchase behavior. Brands and influencers need to figure out a way to show how the product fits into the new daily routine. Here we explored some ways influencers marketing could benefit your brand during the pandemic.

How can Influencers Help?

Let’s look at two positive influences on influencer marketing which could make it boom during this period. First, the way the audience now receives communication has altered. So all the traditional outdoor marketing is out. Social media and online advertising are in. Second, the pandemic has brought people together and garnered a sense of togetherness. Influencers can take advantage of this emotional bonding and make the most of it. An influencer marketing campaign can work wonders to help your brand gain the right footage if done correctly.

1.Social Listening and Opinion Mining

When you have plans to collaborate with an influencer, using tools like social listening and sentiment analysis will come in handy at various stages. Social listening can help you find the right influencer. It will also help you read the mood of your audience. This analysis is key to a successful campaign. If you go wrong with the analysis, the campaign could backfire. It’s important to study your target audience. And since your influencer and you are in the same industry, chances are your target audience members already follow them. Hence educate your influencer about your strategy and expectations and your estimates of the current mood of the public. If the influencer goes off-script and makes unsubstantiated claims it will cause more harm than good.

2. Goodwill

Conventional influencer marketing campaigns are designed to promote products/brands/services. But consumers may actually get turned off by marketing messages and advertising spoofs. They will not expect businesses to stop advertising, but they want them to be more sensitive to the situation. Consumers also want to know about the positive steps brands are taking during these times. 

This is a good time to build a positive brand image by involving influencers and promoting charitable events. You could also build a campaign around the recent social causes and show your brand’s support for something like #MeToo or the #BlackLivesMatter movement. This would help you to build brand awareness and consumer goodwill among your target audiences.

3. Extend Support

As we mentioned earlier, it is imperative that you listen to your customer base in real-time and keep tracking the conversations which mention you. You would find many of your audience members asking questions about the industry and your brand. Collaborating with influencers and connecting on these virtual platforms also brings in traffic and visibility to your brand. Let’s say you are a coffee manufacturing company. You know your audience members are stuck home probably getting bored. Collaborate with a food blogger for a live recipe session, like a coffee cake recipe! You are extending help, building a positive image, and subtly promoting your coffee. 

4. Structure Campaigns Appropriately

It must be apparent by now that influencer marketing can work wonders if you know how to structure the campaigns. One way to structure your campaign is to take inspiration from your competitors. Set up your social listening tool for competitive analysis and take a look at what the industry leaders are doing for their campaigns. You can also track industry news and plan your campaign content around the trending topics. 

5. Use Humour the Right Way

Last but not the least, this is a sensitive time. While planning an influencer marketing campaign, you have to strike a balance between the right amount of humor and empathy. While humor is a great marketing tool, inappropriate jokes could backfire now. So be very sure to track the public sentiment before planning and rolling out your campaign. 

Going by the trend, influencer marketing is here to stay. The coronavirus pandemic has caused a setback for every industry. But even in that, the influencer marketing industry is now getting more eyeballs daily. Make this campaign work for you by working with the right creator and the right insights.