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Empower my brand

Consumer conversations on Type 1 Diabetes were analyzed over a 30-day period to gather insights. Interesting insights have been discovered:

  • Conversations are predominantly from developed economies. The United States & United Kingdom are where most conversations happened.
  • Female conversations were higher than males. Conversations seek and provide information about ways to provide care to Type 1 Diabetes patients in the family.
  • The key conversation themes were around the following:
    • The emerging Covid-19/Coronavirus pandemic and how it impacts those with compromised immunity. Families of patients are worried.
    • Insulin access and high prices are a major cause of concern.
    • Discussions on promising research on treatment or cure for Type 1 Diabetes.

Consumer conversations carried a neutral to positive sentiment. About 13% of conversations were negative and in large part related to Covid-19 and about the difficulty in accessing insulin and consumables needed for patient care.

Besides Covid-19, the other negative conversations related to the rejection of Eli Lilly’s drug for Type 1 Diabetes.

Several organizations, brands, medical practitioners and other influencers contributed to the discussions and brought forth inspiring patient stories.

Important takeaways for brands & organizations.

The insights gathered point to some important opportunities for brands and organizations for whom Type 1 Diabetes patients are a relevant audience. Such brands and organizations can re-draw their strategies to:

  • Communicate with the families: Engage the female audience, especially those in charge of the family’s health. Type 1 Diabetes is a subject driven by emotion and therefore communication that has an emotional appeal will resonate with consumers.
  • Be a patient advocate: Rally behind causes related to better access to insulin and consumables, lower pricing to engage patient families.
  • Partner with organizations (ex. Diabetes UK), to create awareness about Type 1 Diabetes and its unique challenges.
  • Showcase your thought leadership by sharing the most current research about Type 1 Diabetes.
  • Engage with influencers who can help spread your word to the patients and their families.

In addition, Covid-19 presents an immediate opportunity to help Type 1 Diabetes patients by actively listening to their issues and helping them with information and good advice.

Download the report for a more detailed analysis.